Could You Be a Professional Ballet Dancer?

So many young dancers want to become professionals, but only a few make it. Could you be one of those few?

Created by SowerCandy
On Feb 6, 2016

How many 1.5-2 hour ballet classes do you take per week?

How many professional dancers has your ballet studio already produced?

When did you start pointe?

Why do you do ballet?

Can you do the splits?

How old are you?

If you sit on the floor with your legs together out in front of you and pointe your toes, how far above the floor are they?

If you sit on the floor with your legs touching out in front of you (just like in the last question) and then lift your feet up off the ground with your knees still on the floor, how far off the ground do you feet go? (This is measuring your hyper extension)

Are the girls in your ballet class level younger or older than you?

Are you a "favorite"?

Are you underweight, overweight, or healthy?

What is/will be your height when you a fully grown adult?

Do you do solos in performances?

If you put your feet together in first position, are they a perfect first (180 degrees)? It doesn't count if you are rolling over.

Do you want to be a professional dancer?



You could be a professional dancer if you keep up the hard work and continue to improve.



If you work REALLY hard and improve dramatically you might have a shot.

No Way!

No Way!

No. You don't have a chance.