How Safe A Driver Are You?

So you passed your driving test a while ago. But how much can you still remember about staying safe on the roads? To mark CFOA Road Safety Week, your local fire service has created this quick quiz to re-test your knowledge of the Highway Code.

Remember to let us know your score!

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue
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On Jun 3, 2015
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Why should you allow extra room when overtaking a motorcyclist on a windy day?

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You are at the front of a queue of traffic waiting to turn right into a side road. Why is it important to check your right mirror just before turning?

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You are driving behind a large goods vehicle. It signals left but steers to the right. You should

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You are waiting to emerge at a junction. Your view is restricted by parked vehicles. What can help you to see traffic on the road you are joining?

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You are behind a cyclist at some traffic lights. When the lights change, what should you do?

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You are driving on a motorway. You have to slow down quickly due to a hazard. You should

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