How to Choose an NLU After Getting Selected in CLAT

This article briefly describes the facts that must be noted while choosing an NLU after passing the CLAT. At the same time, this article also highlights the importance of the CLAT tutorial for securing a good rank in CLAT 2018.

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On Jan 9, 2018
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If you are a CLAT aspirant, you must have a particular college in mind to study the law discipline of your choice. This is the dream each and every CLAT aspirant in all corners of India sees every time they take the CLAT. But only a few thousand among them manage to make their dreams come true as CLAT is a highly competitive exam that has a low success rate. One has to crack the CLAT and rank high to get into the NLU of one’s choice.
After one manages to secure a good rank, one has to appear for the CLAT counseling conducted by the CLAT authority on the merit-cum-preference basis. A collective counseling session represents all the 19 NLUs enlisted under CLAT. Admission in each of these NLUs depends on certain factors like- number of seats available at the NLU, cut off marks, closing rank for that particular year, the order of preference, etc.
The chief aspect among all these remains the CLAT score. The lower an aspirant ranks, the higher are his chances of getting into the NLU of his choice. It requires a good CLAT tutorial to score well in CLAT. In fact, a good CLAT tutorial that is set according to the strengths and limitations of the aspirant can make the overall preparation far better by helping the aspirant tackle different types of questions with ease and also master management.
Importance of CLAT tutorial for CLAT 2018
A good law entrance coaching centre can guide a CLAT aspirant with the right kind of CLAT tutorial for CLAT preparation. Having the answer keys of mock test series and the questions of previous years as well as the right analysis of the cut off marks for that particular year are crucial for success in CLAT 2018. This helps to eliminate the aspects that result in insufficient scores like- time mismanagement, marking incorrect answers, improper allocation of time in each section,  the time consumed to arrive at a correct solution, etc. If one has to score high in CLAT, one has to be more skilful and answer maximum correct options as possible.
As of now, this is the peak time for CLAT preparation as the online registration for CLAT has already begun from the onset of the New Year, i.e. from first of January 2018. This implies that CLAT aspirants have barely a few months left for CLAT preparation, until May 13th, 2018, the day CLAT is scheduled for this year. With the clock ticking it would be wise to rely on a quality CLAT tutorial, preferably obtained from a leading law entrance coaching centre.

The author of this article is a student who is studying company law at a leading law university in India. After two unsuccessful CLAT attempts over a span of three years, the author was finally successful in cracking the CLAT after being guided by a quality CLAT tutorial. His struggle prompted him to write this article addressing the common dilemma faced by aspirants while choosing a college after cracking CLAT. The author also guides the aspirants for CLAT preparation.