How Much Do You Love Yourself?

Although in today's world loving yourself is seen to be a moral flaw, we couldn't disagree more - and neither could Dr David R Hamilton. A good, hearty portion of self love is essential! So take the following self-love quiz to discover whether you're getting enough of the good stuff and, importantly, what you can do to get more! It is important that you answer the questions honestly as it is for your own self-development. Enjoy!

Soul and Spirit magazine
On Sep 14, 2015

How frequently do you seek the approval of others?

How often do you take risks that might leave you feeling vulnerable?

How often do you like what you see in the mirror?

Would you say you're kind to yourself?

How important is it for people to like you?

Do you tend to give your power away?

Do you feel comfortable speaking your mind, even when you know others might not share your opinion?

How well to you accept compliments?

Do you criticize yourself when you make mistakes?

Do you prefer to stay in your comfort zone?

Do you feel guilty for enjoying yourself?

Would you describe yourself as confident?

Do you say 'yes' out of obligation?

Do you neglect your needs?

When somebody criticizes you, do you take it to heart?

When somebody says you look nice, do you assume they're just trying to be nice?

How often do you push yourself outside of your comfort zone?

When things don't work out, do you...

Do you deserve to be happy?

A healthy amount

A healthy amount

You have a healthy level of self-love. You tend to be confident and self-assured in yourself. You have a decent sense of your own inherent value.
It is important to maintain your self-love and you can do this with a simple mindful practice. Maintain a mindful awareness of your behavior and how you interact with people.

Continue to cater for your needs but also remember to be kind and show compassion for others too. This mindful practice will remind you of the interconnectedness and the interdependence of life, thereby solidifying your sense of self and your relationships with others and the world around you.

A moderate amount

A moderate amount

There are some ways that your self-love is reasonably healthy but there are other ways that need some work. To boost your self love, check out this advice by Dr David R Hamilton

A low to moderate amount

A low to moderate amount

Your self love could do with some improvement. You generally don’t have a very high opinion of yourself and so you usually find that life reflects this. It is important that you improve your self-love because of the affects low self-love can have in life.
Ramp up your self love today with Dr David R Hamilton's advice

A low amount

A low amount

Your self love is quite low and you are probably aware of the affect it is having in the important areas of your life. Don't panic! Check out this advice from Dr David R Hamilton