Are You Sarcastic, Witty or Clever?

Are you witty like NPH? Or sarcastic like Chandler Bing?

Sophie Katz
Created By Sophie Katz
On Mar 17, 2018

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Which word best describes you?

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Are you more introverted or extroverted?

You are...Sarcastic!

You are...Sarcastic!

People don't know whether you're for real or joking, and that's just the way you like it! Could you BE anymore sarcastic?!

You are...Witty!

You are...Witty!

Your mind goes a mile a minute and you always have the best and quickest response for things! No one can match your level of wit and word play. Lengen-dary.

You are....Clever!

You are....Clever!

You have a sharp mind, you can think up the best and most complex situations. People marvel at your intelligence, and how fast you can solve problems. It's levio-sa.