How Stressed Are You?

Feeling stressed and overwhelmed? DEEP BREATH. You are going to be okay.

Sophia Mastro
Created by Sophia Mastro
On Sep 19, 2016

What grade are you in?

How many AP's are you taking?

Do you play a sport?

What is the first thing you do when you come home?

Do you have a job?

What time do you go to bed on an average school night?

Do you watch TV or Netflix on school nights?

How often do you cry from stress?

When was your last mental breakdown?

Are you currently taking or preparing for the ACT/SAT?

Are you applying to colleges?

Is this quiz stressing you out?

Still Alive But Barely Breathing

Still Alive But Barely Breathing

You are still alive but barely breathing. You are overwhelmed with college applications and AP classes and feel like the world is falling apart. Treat yourself with a nice dessert and a hot bath. Your mind deserves a break. When doing school work, give yourself a change of scenery. Spice up your studying by doing your homework by the pool or at the beach. Most importantly, get some sleep!

Brain Overload

Brain Overload

You are currently experiencing a brain overload and need to relieve your stress. ALWAYS set time apart for yourself, and make sure you are taking care of your body. Exercise is a great way to relieve stress that keeps your mind and body healthy. When you are feeling overwhelmed take some time off to hit the gym or go for a run. You will feel much better.

Slightly Overwhelmed

Slightly Overwhelmed

You feel slightly overwhelmed, but you are going to be just fine! You may be entering the beginning stages of a stress overload, so take precaution and prioritize your tasks. Keep a detailed planner of your activities and set reminders on your phone or laptop. Conquer your stress now and get ahead so you can reward yourself later.



You may have a few small stresses, but other than that your living life pretty easy. Use your free time to make memories and laugh with your friends. Relax and have some fun, but remember to stay on top of your work! Practice your time management skills now to avoid stress later.