Name That K-Pop Group: Reality Show Edition

How well do you know K-Pop groups and their reality shows? Take the quiz to test your K-Pop reality show knowledge!

Created By Soompi
On Mar 29, 2017
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Before debuting, this group filmed a show with MTV, with a second season post-debut during which they granted viewers' wishes.

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During "Hello Baby" Season 4, Super Junior's Leeteuk teamed up with this girl group to take care of a child:

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During this group's run on "Sesame Player" Season 1, members conducted interviews in a bathroom and were punished with stink bombs if the interviewer didn't like the answers.

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This reality show allows viewers a glimpse into the daily life of a 2016 rookie boy group in different cities:

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The latest season of "Showtime" features two girl groups and their various interactions. The two groups are:

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Two rookie groups in this show meant a headache for the two fanclubs who subbed the videos, often resulting in fans watching both groups' airtime separately.

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Get a glimpse into the life of Woolim Entertainment's Lovelyz by watching their reality show "Lovelyz in _____."

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A senior and junior group in this company did a reality show in which the members of both groups competed to determine the best:

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This group has three seasons of an online reality show with the word "Real" in the title:

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During the first episode of this group's latest reality show, members went on a drive and listened to a radio show hosted by the group's leader:

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This group was placed in charge of a daycare filled with kids, not only revealing new sides to the group, but also touching on issues faced by the children and their families.

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Which group was the first to star in the reality program "Showtime?"

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Which of these groups was the first to star in their own reality show?

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This group has the word "Ta-dah" in the title of their first reality show:

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This group released a self-cam series edited and produced by one of the members who's now part of a video production team:

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