The CW: Which one of the boys from "Riverdale" do you belong with?

Hey you! Do you love Riverdale? And do you love the characters? Well, if you do, then take this test made by us behind "The CW", and find out witch one of the guy's from Riverdale you belong with. Enjoy!

The CW
Created By The CW
On Apr 4, 2017

What are you looking for in a man?

What is your passion?

The best style to our future man?

Would you choose to have .....

What would you describe yourself at?

The Cooper's or The Blossom's?

The best place to go on a date in Riverdale?

Do you want a .....

What do you hate the most about boys?

How did you meet him?

What do you think about our channel?
(This will not effect your result)

"Archie Andrews"

"Archie Andrews"

You belong with Archie
You need a talented and kind man like Archie.
He has the looks, the red hair and the personality, he keeps sometimes secrets and has had his bad periods.
But be ready to a kind selfless guy, who just need's some backup and a good friends to make him smile.

"Jughead Jones"

"Jughead Jones"

You belong with Jughead
Juggy is a teenager full of humor and he has a sarcastic soul, with a loving heart, and a great personality. Jughead has some family problems, and it can make him sad and confused sometimes. But he will always be there for you and make sure that you will never feel the way that he has felt.

"Reggie Mantle"

"Reggie Mantle"

You belong with Reggie
Reggie is a sporty guy, he has a confident soul and has a lot of humor to offer. Reggie wants to be perfect and maybe sometimes that's not what you are ment to be, that can make him arrogant and selfish sometimes. But if you can show him a better way, and make him feel loved, he will do the same to you.