Personality Test! Brain, hormones, science!

What hormones are dominant in your brain and body? And who are you most likely compatible with?

Keep in mind, addictions and social situations may alter your natural hormonal state.

Determining factors:
Mood, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, work, colleague hormones, family's hormones, friends hormones, level of safety, excitement, emotion and thinking required in the life you lead.

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How do you prefer to spend your spare time?

What is most important in a partner?

You would rather the people around you to be:

Where are you most comfortable?

When working on a project, you:

Which image feels most appealing to you?

Do you prefer people:

If you were stuck on an island with 20 people, would you:

What does life look like with your ideal partner?

Dopamine Dominant!

Dopamine Dominant!

You are fun and exciting!

You are addicted to adventure, adrenaline and new experiences. You are passionate and you go wild for a good Dopamine rush. You are likely to experience things to the extreme and your life will not be wasted doing boring, repetitive activities. You will be best off to find someone who is also Dopamine dominant. You often can't relate to the other types very well. Seretonin types are too organised, safe and predictable and Testosterone types will cramp your cravings to be free and unique. Oestrogen types are likely to seem too deep and emotional for you. You thrive when you are brain storming, coming up with ground breaking ideas and when you are given a bit of freedom to think outside the box and get your creative juices flowing, you have the potential to change the world!

It is important that you find a way to keep the flame alive in your relationship because passion and excitement is a necessity for you. You don't want to get in a rut or remain in a predictable situation for too long or you will feel like a bird in a cage. You are destined for a fulfilling life so make sure each day is an adventure!

Oestrogen Dominant

Oestrogen Dominant

You are a perceptive, intelligent and imaginative person. You have outstanding communication skills and are able to understand any context from multiple perspectives. This allows you to assess the way people feel, why they act the way they do, how everyone else would see the situation, then you are able to communicate in a way that will be received well by everyone around you. This diplomatic ability is your superpower in life.

You work well with people and thrive in any job that involves a high standard of communication and understanding. You are empathetic and sensitive. This may seem like a hindrance at times but the truth is, you have one of the most valuable gifts, compassion.

You like to understand everyone but Seretonin types seem closed minded to you and Dopamine types seem to lack compassion. Neither of these types can easily provide you with the deep connection you seek.

You are most compatible with the Testosterone types who are strong, powerful and driven, can take care of you and can satisfy your tribal senses. This type provides safety, is often a leader, and has a soft spot for your warm characteristics. You have great power when in this type of relationship because you can teach your partner many life lessons without him/her knowing it. The positive changes are noticed by your partner as a transformation into a better life. This will bring you gratitude and love in abundance.

Testosterone Dominant

Testosterone Dominant

You are competitive, rational and you thrive in a dominant position. You spend your days achieving, working out puzzles, overcoming obstacles and directing others. You trust your intuition and are an excellent decision maker.

However when it comes to your sex life, you may want to let your guard down sometimes and allow someone else to take the lead for once. Sometimes you need to be taken care of, and if you are with your compatible type, she will reward you greatly if you show gratitude and love.

You are unlikely to be compatible to a Dopamine or Seretonin type. One seems unpredictable and irrational. A dreamer with no clear direction. The other is often timid and trivial, valuing loyalty, trust, and social gratification.

You are most likely going to find love in an Oestrogen type. You are attracted to your opposite. She is perceptive, understanding, diplomatic and a great communicator. She is able to balance you out and teach you many lessons without you even knowing.

Seretonin Dominant

Seretonin Dominant

You are loyal, popular and secure in most, if not all aspects of your life.

You would be great in a managerial position because you are organised and reliable. You are likely to have stability in your social circle and in your family. Seretonin types are likely to have long lasting marriages, be great with finances and are often high achievers.

You find Dopamine types unpredictable and overbearing. They seem like loose cannons wandering the earth with their heads in the clouds. Testosterone types are not great with their social skills but they still often manage to obtain the dominant position which can annoy you because you have put more into getting where you are and you did it the right way. Oestrogen types always want to make instant deep connections and this can often seem pushy to you. These things take time, consistency and effort.

You will be most compatible with a fellow Seretonin dominant person. Someone who works the same way as you. With him/her, you can work together through life, create strong everlasting bonds in your relationship, family life, social circles and at work. You are likely to last longer than most in your relationship because you have devotion, loyalty and trust.

Hybrid of Hormones!

Hybrid of Hormones!

Wow! you are a rare type. You have an unusually equal level of Oestrogen, Testosterone, Seretonin and Dopamine.

This may be an evolutionary tactic to enable you to be compatible to a wider range of mates which gives you a lot of freedom in who you decide to spend the rest of your life with. You are flexible but not too flexible. You have both rational and emotional intelligence. You are able to maintain social connections but can also associate with new people easily. You are a perfect balance of exciting and organised.

Find someone who is also a Hybrid type and I suspect you will live a uniquely balanced life as you are all rounders and good at almost everything you put your mind to.

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