What Kind Of Cloud Are You?

This is my first quiz. Hope you like it.

Sky Cloud
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On Aug 3, 2015

Somebody did something awful to you on purpose. What do you do?

If you were to have a super power....what would it be?

It's time to eat... What do you order?

Oh no! It's a night before a test...You haven't studied AT ALL....What do you do..?

Your friend is in a fight...What do you do!

Pick your favorite TV Show.

What seems like the most ideal day?

Storm Cloud

Storm Cloud

Nobody wants to mess with you. Even if somebody does the slightest thing to make you angry, you'll make sure that they'll never mess with you again. You have a dominate personality and always take charge.

If there is a group activity in school, I bet that you're the leader of it. Only your true friends will really understand your personality. Some people may think you're mean, but you're really just being truthful..

Lightning Cloud

Lightning Cloud

You're a really chill person most of the time, but as soon as somebody messes with you, a family member, or friend....it's game over. You strike hard and make sure they don't mess with you again. The thing about your personality is that you can go either way. You're a relaxed person that can get tensed up easily (if provoked.)

You're the kind of person that only has a couple friends, but the friends you have are the ones you'll have forever. They are extremely lucky to have you as a friend because they know you got their back.

Cumulus Cloud

Cumulus Cloud

You're just a relaxed person in general. You're never looking to start a fight. All you really want is peace. You try your absolute best to stay out of arguments. You're the kind of friend people go to for advice. You always try and keep things positive!

You also do fairly good in school. You rarely get get anything under a B. That's just the kind of person you are.

Rain Cloud

Rain Cloud

Not going to lie....you kinda over react about some things. You're an attention seeker, but that's okay. You're the person that knows how to break that awkward silence. You bring the party to life! Not a lot of people have your enthusiastic personality, so it's your job to spread it.

Yes, you can be emotional, but you got tons of friends to help you get over it.

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