Your Guide To 'Clicktivism,' 'Slay,' 'Struggle Bus' And Other Words Now In The Dictionary

The English language ain't what it used to be.

Hey old folks (basically anybody over the age of 22) are you having trouble understanding what the younglings are saying? Do words like "struggle bus" and "slay" confuse you? Well, get with it, because these aren't just slang words any more, but actual words! has added 300 new words to its database and while none of them are found in the works of Charles Dickens or John Steinbeck, nearly all of them can be found in the pages of Seventeen Magazine.

So, let's get with it and learn some new words!

"Slay" used to mean to kill something by violence, as in "the knight slayed the dragon." Not a lot of dragon-slaying going on these days and now the word means "to make a strong impression with."

Just know that Beyonce is pretty much the visual definition of slay at this moment in pop culture.

Dad Bod

Before "dad bod" came around, kinda out of shape men were just referred to as dudes in-denial about how many calories were actually in Miller Light. Now a days there's an actual term "a man's physque that is slightly overweight or flabby, but still attractive" and it is dad bod.

The best thing is, you don't even have to be a dad to have a dad bod. Score!


Here's the thing about "bitchface" it knows know gender and you might not even know you have it. It goes by many terms such as "resting bitchface," "bitchy rest face" or the simply RBF, but it all means the same damn thing.
"A facial expression that does not consciously express a particular emotion but one that others perceive as threatening."

While the definition says it's "not consciously done," I'm betting 99% of women who have ever ridden the NYC subway would disagree.

Struggle Bus

There are moments in life when we are all these little French bull dog who can't get the tennis ball. You never know when it will strike, but well take a ride on the "struggle bus" at some point.

Pretty straightforward but basically "any situation or task that is deemed difficult or frustrating" equals a ride on the struggle bus.


If you're part of any sort of social media network, you've likely been prompted to join some sort of cause or movement by using a hashtag, sharing a post or simply clicking "like." It's the laziest form of joining a cause and it's everywhere today. defines it as: "The use of the internet to organize and promote political or social causes, through postings on social media, email or online petitions."

Basically, it's the easiest way to sit on your ass doing nothing, but feel like you're doing something.


youtube embed goes here!

If you don't speak Korean, then you probably have no idea what Korean pop stars are singing about. That doesn't matter though, because the music sounds EXACTLY the same as American pop music. It's all probably a safe bet that the lyrics are likely about the similar topics... boys... girls...etc.

A simple definition, K-Pop is simply pop music from Korea. Now turn it up!


Superfoods used to be simply lumped into the group of "vegetables" but now they're like, super vegetables. Kale, beets, and other foods good for boosting the immune system due to a high content of vitamins, fiber, minerals and anti-oxidants.

As for tasting delicious and replacing your love of cheeseburgers? HAHAHA, nice try.

Uncanny valley

You wouldn't like her when she's angry.

Let's face the facts, robots are usually creepy as hell. Even Amazon Echo's subservient attitude is a little unsettling.

If you have an unease about artificial representations of human beings, such as robots, computer animations or other such technology that tries to be human, congrats, you're in the uncanny valley.

Hangry will tell you that being hangry is a feeling of irritable or irrational anger as a result of being hungry.

But let's be honest, there's nothing irrational about being so hungry that you want to strangle the waiter who hasn't taken your order and it's already been 20 minutes.


Star Wars came out 40 years ago, how is lightsaber just now making its way into the dictionary?!

If you don't know what a lightsaber is by this point, congrats, you've been living in a cave without TV or the internet for the past four decades.