Save money in everyday life

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On Jan 22, 2019
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Save money in everyday life

In everyday life can be saved by only small changes already large amounts of money. With our savings tips, saving money is easy.

Save at the barber
Of course, you do not have to do without a hairdresser's visit, but it can quickly become expensive if you do not pay attention to which services you use. Some things do not necessarily have to be done at the barber.

Hair dyeing or tinting is very expensive. At home, you can make this cost yourself. For a good cut, you should not do without a specialist. But at the hairdresser, you not only pay for the cut, but also for washing, blow-drying and care products. At a discount hairdresser, you can bring shampoo, hair gel, hair spray and the towel from home and save money. Hair you wash yourself, you will cut from the hairdresser, blow dry afterward and styling yourself your hair again. That saves a lot of money. Ok, we admit, this tip was more for women, men sometimes do not have that much to "style".

Use Coupons and Cashback for additional purchases
If you know exactly what you need the same things on a regular basis, then you should consider whether you do not give up a bulk order. Using a coupon and cashback can save a lot of money instead of buying it one at a time.

Save on showering
To save water, take a shower rather than a full bath. Showering does not consume as much water as a bathtub that you need to fill with water. While showering, you can also save water. When washing your hair and soaping just turn off the water! Furthermore, you do not have to take an extremely long shower, so you better lay back in bed for 5 more minutes to relax, as you save on water costs. You can save up to 250 dollars a year through these measures alone.

Toggle switches help save energy and money
A tip that is no secret anymore is the use of toggle switches. They may be able to achieve important power savings results. For this reason, many households now find such toggle switches on electrical appliances. From the microwave to the TV or laptop. All devices can basically be equipped with a toggle switch on the multiple sockets. If you switch this around, the devices will no longer be able to draw power in standby mode, thus inadvertently consuming power. That's why it makes sense to buy one or the other toggle switch because the investment can be worthwhile in the long run in any case.

TV and console draw power
What many people do not realize is that the TV and the game console are quite capable of continuing to eat power, even if they have not actually turned it on. For this reason, the electricity meter counts happy and cheerful. This should be avoided. That's why you should either use a toggle switch here or you turn off the TVs and consoles completely. The standby mode should always be avoided in terms of power savings because he is here in no way helpful. If you are in the mood for a game again, you can switch on the TV and console again.

PC and laptop form a similar game
In the PC and laptop is actually the same case to watch. Again, the standby mode is not recommended if you really want to seriously save power. In order to make the power guzzlers in this area of ​​the electronics the Gar, you should switch off the devices here also completely. Only in the end is it possible to really save electricity, which will be noticeable on the final bill.

Bubble and fill up with water
Depending on how many people live in the household and how many of them drink sparkling water, you can save a lot of money every year if you make sparkling water yourself instead of buying it in the store. Another advantage is that you do not have to carry boxes anymore. One step further goes even our next suggestion, but no water at all from the beverage dealer. Many studies have shown that tap water in this country is so rich that in many regions it is even better than expensive bottled water. But beware, depending on whether you live in an old house, with very old pipes, the last few meters can greatly affect the quality of the water. It is also advisable to let the faucet run for a moment before you fill it. You'll be amazed how much money you can save with it.

Recycle vacuum cleaner bags
Vacuum cleaner bags are not exactly cheap, so recycling the vacuum cleaner bags is a good solution. Just shake out the old vacuum cleaner bags and use again. There are also vacuum cleaner bags with zippers that make emptying easier.

Lend garden tools and tools
When working in the garden, you do not have to buy new equipment if it does not exist. There are ways to rent them in hardware stores or directly from the manufacturer for little money. Even if renovations take place in the house, you can rent the equipment and tools for daily rates. Also has the advantage that who breaks something which should pay the insurance of the dealer for the damage to the device, if that was previously regulated by contract.
Leave your car behind and ride your bike instead

Let the car stand
Just leave the car and walk the path or bike. Your doctor and the environment and your wallet will thank you. Fuel is getting more and more expensive, parking is getting scarcer and nodules more and more often, so why not just leave the car and save money?

When washing clothes, save money
The washing machine is a true power-hungry. To change this fact, for example, you can get a new machine with a better energy efficiency class. Machines with the A +++ seal are the best when it comes to saving electricity. However, these often cost a lot of money on the purchase and not everyone is able to get such a washing machine. Although it would be worthwhile in the long run, who is looking for an alternative, has the chance to simply wash the laundry lower. For example, reducing the temperature to 30 degrees can help save energy when the washing machine is in operation. However, you should definitely pay attention to the washing instructions on clothing, so as not to destroy them.

You should also make sure that the machine is always full. You can save the washing powder by taking half a cap instead of a full cap. Many do not know that the removal portions are disproportionate. Incidentally, you help with this measure, the environment, because the water is not so heavily loaded.

Save electricity with the fridge
Yes, also with regard to the fridge, there are tips and tricks around the topic of saving electricity and money in everyday life. We would like to remind you that one should defrost a refrigerator from time to time. This can indeed ensure that the power consumption of the device decreases noticeably. But not only defrosting the fridge can help make the utility bill a bit more humane. You should always keep the fridge full because a full refrigerator consumes less power than a refrigerator that is empty. The reason for this is that the device does not have to constantly cool the air inside. With the refrigerator, you can save a lot of electricity on the whole household.
The savings tips in everyday life bring success after a short time. If you avoid many unnecessary things, you can save a lot of money.