Goldberg Is Now WWE Universal Champion; Can You Spear This Goldberg Trivia?

Who was his first WWE match against? What Adam Sandler movie did he star in? See how well you know Goldberg with this incredibly hard quiz.

Simon Dean
Created By Simon Dean
On Mar 7, 2017
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Goldberg is now the second oldest WWE Champion of all-time; who was the oldest?

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Goldberg's win streak was prolific, how many wins did WCW say he had?

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Goldberg vs. Kevin Owens at Fastlane was the shortest main event in WWE PPV history at 21 seconds, what match was the previous shortest?

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What WCW superstar was the first one to defeat Goldberg?

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What superstar did Goldberg defeat to win his only WWE title before last night?

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Goldberg was brought into the wrestling business by Lex Luger and what other WCW star?

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Who did Goldberg defeat in his first ever WCW Monday Nitro match?

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In what Adam Sandler movie did Goldberg star in?

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Goldberg lost in a tag-team match to Lex Luger and what other superstar in his last ever WCW PPV match?

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Who did Goldberg face in his first ever WWE match?

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Who was the special guest referee for Goldberg's Wrestlemania 20 match vs. Brock Lesnar?

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