From Backup To Super Bowl Quarterback, How Much Do You Know About Nick Foles?

Get ready for the Super Bowl with this Super tough quiz!

Simon Dean
Created by Simon Dean
On Feb 1, 2018
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Which All-Pro Kicker went to high school with Nick Foles?

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Foles was a three year starter at Arizona, what was his major?

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Foles was traded to the Rams in 2015 for what quarterback?

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During Foles Pro Bowl 2013 season, he broke the Eagles team record for passes without an interception, who previously held that record?

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Foles became the first QB in NFL history to do what in two consecutive games?

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What team was Nick Foles on in 2016?

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Nick Foles could become the first backup QB to win a title since Tom Brady in 2001, who was the last before him?

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What Pro Bowl quarterback went to Foles alma mater in Austin, TX?

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In 2013, Foles set the NFL record for TD/INT ratio whose record did he break?

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