How deep you know about eastern Asia?

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On Feb 24, 2017
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Huyan Zan, one of the pioneers of Song Dynasty, was very skilled in using....

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The cripled one eyed samurai under Takeda Clan,who was more expert in strategy than swordmanship.....

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Who is the Qin Dynasty general who conquered Vietnam and eventually established his own dynasty there?

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Which country reinforced Korea against the Toyotomi Hideyoshi invasion?

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Who was the Ayutthaya (now Thailand) warrior queen who gave up her life in protecting her county in Burmese-Siamese War?

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Which of these following events didn't occure in Tang Dynasty?

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Who was the founder of Joseon Dynasty in Korea?

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Famous Sengoku daimyo, Uesugi Kenshin, was nicknamed....

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"Using copper as a mirror allows one to keep his clothes neat. Using history as a mirror allows one to see the future trends" is the famous quote of....

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Who was Vietnam rebell leader against China's Ming invasion, who eventually established his dynasty after defeated China?

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Who was Genghis Khan's sworn brother but later became bitter enemy because of internal division?

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What event ended the Oda clan's domination in Sengoku period?

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During the persecution of Christian by Toyotomi Hideyoshi, the Christian daimyo, Takayama Ukon, was exiled to....

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Who was the founder and the only king of Thonburi Dynasty in Thailand?

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Korean hero, Admiral Yi Sun-sin, was famous for designing this battle instrument....

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What is the name of Great Wall's pass from where the Ming general, Wu Sangui, betrayed his country by inviting the Machus entered the mainland....

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Who is the Japanese thief and ninja during Sengoku period, who is often called 'Japanese Robin Hood'?

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What is the important contribution of Emperor Xiaowen of Northern Wei?

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Who is Japanese Resident-General of Korea, who was assasinated by a Korean nationalist in 1909?

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Which one of these following high official escaped from the purge by Emperor Han Gaozu (Liu Bang)?

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