What Design Personality Are You?

Answer 8 quick questions and we'll tell you the best interiors scheme for you.

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Which colours make you feel most comfortable?

Which of the following is your preferred past time?

Which travel experience sounds most like you?

Do you ever worry what other people think of your home?

Do you entertain?

Are you more visual, auditory or kinesthetic?

Which of the following movies is your fav?

Which Disney Princess would you be?

Boho Chic

Boho Chic

You're a casual person who values being authentic and keeping things real. You love your home to be warm and inviting as well as a bit hip. Natural colours, textures and fibres and a clean simple palette works best for you but you do like an element of individuality and nothing too clinical. Raw or rustic is great but not shabby. This is a great time to be a Boho Chic fan with so many beautiful decor items around that suit perfectly - think tribal necklaces, macrame style weaves, jute rugs and rattan or linen furniture, leather pouffes, plants galore and animal motifs or hides, skins and furs.

Artisan products are also perfect for the Boho Chic scheme. Bamileke Tables and Malawi Chairs from Africa and Bone Inlay from India can make stunning features. Handmade Ben Ourain carpets from Morocco or Longpi Pottery from India offer the neutral palette and the reference to a global community as well as a unique, earthy and soulfulness that is the sub-text of the Boho Chic home.



You have wander lust in your heart and value your freedom and expression. You have a social conscience and are interested in cultures all over the world.

A Moroccan Decor scheme is ideal for you as it can blend any conventionality in you with your free spirit. Whilst lots of rich colours and textures can look fantastic and are the more classic rendition of Moroccan interiors, you can also take a few understated elements of Morocco and bring an exotic element into your home that adds interest via a sense of story, travels and history. A treasured wedding blanket handmade by women in the Atlas Mountains outside Marrakech or some intricate kilim pillows might do the trick.

Moroccan Leather Pouffes, romantic metal cut-work lanterns, filigree mirrors and lighting and Marrakech patterned bone inlay pieces can bring beauty and a little excitement to your home.

Whether you team the theme with a rich gypsy palette or a more subdued Indie palette, you can be right on trend with this look.



You are down to earth and tactile. And honest. Tribal decor is for those who are unapologetic about their integrity and bold in their expression.

This style is all about the colours of vast African landscapes although it can include coastal and forest shades as accents. The emphasis is on natural elements moulded and woven by human hands into functional items that, in today's modern world, become striking decor that connects us with and celebrates raw nature and humanity.

Whether you are drawn to Tribal Decor as a relief from our busy technocratic lives or because you reject mass production and manufacturing, something in this style feeds a deep need in you.

You can play with this style by adding decorator items such as ceremonial masks, dolls and headdresses, Ethiopian crosses, pottery and mud cloth cushions. Treasured Bamileke Tables take up to a year to bring to your living room from the forests of Africa but will last a lifetime or more as a perennially fashionable feature.



You prefer an ordered environment without it looking too formal. A welcoming home is important to you so an easy comfortable style with neutral and cool colours that are universally appealing is ideal.

You can achieve this with a minimum of effort with some neutral fundamentals dressed with accents and features of blues and greens. Motifs from the coastline or sea bring a balance of structure and organic form to this scheme.

You can't go wrong mixing blues and neutrals so this a safe and very do-able style. You can even mix varying patterns without the look becoming fussy.

Hampton's interiors suit those who are refined and aspirational but you can also achieve a more easy-going Coastal style with slightly more relaxed lines and layout. This is a perfect style for many Aussies who do live near the coast, love an outdoors lifestyle and want to continue to bring the theme inside as well.



You love city life and all it entails. You enjoy the arts as well as the restaurant and bar scene especially with friends and you are more the resort-goer than the backpacker when travelling.

You want to walk in the door to a home that is classy. Luxury is your nourishment and the Glam Interior Style has just the right parameters for you to feel both affirmed and comfortable.

A monochromic starting point is the go and then add opulent accent colours. Team with mirrors, metals or bling of any sort and fabrics and embellishments that ooze quality. Velvet or fabrics with sheen are a great choice in a Luxe Interior.

You may not have arrived at the point in your life where you can go all out in this confident style so lean in if you love Hollywood or The Great Gatsby era of the 1920's or even just the sound of "New York". If you feel it fits with you then you can amp it up as you go along. The key is to stick with individual elements you adore.



You like to keep things looking fresh and up to date and you have innate style but you are also pragmatic and realistic. You have a good eye for what is both aesthetically pleasing and practical.

Contemporary interior themes are very accommodating and can evolve with the times and with your phases of life. Usually a pared back scheme with just enough texture or colour to keep it interesting and warm. Whether its a striking artwork or a few textural cushions and throws, the contemporary home is one that is easy to keep neat and tidy and yet doesn't become clinical. A contemporary interior feels like a home and is light and airy. It has a level of simplicity to it that reflects your preference for an uncomplicated life.

You are also tolerant and inclusive which shows up in the styling of the home.

You probably like to entertain frequently. This style is a great entertainers style often including an easy transition from the indoors to the outdoors.

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