Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Professional Black Friday Shopper?

Take the test to find out if you were built for Black Friday crowds or are better suited at home on the couch.

Sharkandra Lawrence
Created by Sharkandra Lawrence
On Nov 23, 2016

How appealing are the deals in the above image to you?

It's 7 pm on Thursday night, you are...

How would you rate your level of tolerance in this mall crowd?

Would you ever camp out in a store parking lot overnight?

The store doors open and there's a shelf with 32 inch plasma TVs for $100 each, do you...

It's the Friday after Thanksgiving at 5 a.m. and you are...

When you set out to do shopping do you make a list?

Would you ever shove an old lady or small child out of the way for an incredible piece of merchandise?

Do you prefer to shop solo or with a buddy?

Are you a computer person?

You're a Black Friday SWOLDIER!

You're a Black Friday SWOLDIER!

You've survived Black Friday shopping before and you'll survive it again. No crowd is too much for you to handle. Those unbeatable deals will be yours!

You're... uhm... Not cut out for Black Friday

You're... uhm... Not cut out for Black Friday

Congrats, you're a sane person who realizes that a $5 toaster isn't worth being trampled. Enjoy shopping online and eating leftovers from the comfort of your couch.