OJ Simpson Granted Parole, Will Leave Prison Later This Year

The former football star will walk free.

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On Jul 21, 2017
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Simpson is now in protective custody, after being removed from the general population of Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada.

How is Simpson getting out of jail early?

One of Simpson's victims, Bruce Fromong, went on the record with ABC's "Good Morning America" to vouch for the former football player.

"O.J. has served his time. I had told the [district attorney] at the time I had felt like one to three years was a proper sentence for it."

Bruce Fromong, 2007 armed robbery victim

Here are the reasons Simpson is being granted parole, according to the judge presiding over the case:

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In his parole hearing, Simpson told the board:

"I haven't made any excuses in the nine years that I've been here and I'm not trying to make an excuse now."

OJ Simpson

Of course, Simpson is infamously known for the 1994 murder trial in which he was acquitted of killing his ex-wife and a friend. To this day, he still admits his innocence.

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