You Have To See What Happens When This 7-Year-Old Shows Off Her New Prosthetic Leg!

Some people would be nervous about showing off a new prosthetic, especially to children. After all, they can be quite cruel. But not 7-year-old Anu! Watch what happens when she shows her friends her new pink prosthetic leg for the first time!

7-year old Anu from Birmingham, UK had to have one of her legs amputated shortly after birth, so she's been used to life with prosthetics for a while now, but recently, thanks to a surge in NHS funding used to help get people the prosthetics they need to be active, she was fitted for a hot pink prosthetic blade leg, which allows her to run around more easily and lead a more active lifestyle.

For most people, showing off a new prosthetic leg might be a bit scary, but not for Anu. She proudly strode into the playground and showed her new leg to her friends, and their reaction was nothing short of beautiful:

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