This Artist Documented His 30 Day Visit To L.A. With 30 Adorable GIFs You Have To See!

Animator James Curran documented a month-long visit to Los Angeles by creating one adorable GIF per day. See the entire L.A. Gifathon here!

Sally McDuck
Created By Sally McDuck
On Jul 11, 2017
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Day 1: Hiking To The Hollywood Sign

Climb every mountain, drink every stream...

Day 2: Muscle Beach

My kind of muscles...

Day 3: Rent-a-car

Not for the faint of heart...

Day 4: The 4th

Ready or not, here comes independence!

Day 5: Hollywood Walk of Fame

Can you imagine this game of hopscotch?

Day 6: In-N-Out

Upside-down burger...

Day 7: Lamps Galore!

SIIIIINGING With The Lanterns. Just SIIIIIIIINGING With The Lanterns.

Day 8: Art and Skateboards


Day 9: Santa Monica Pier

A match made in heaven unless you get motion sickness easily...

Day 10: Finding the right shades

The difference between James Bond and Elton John is the right pair of sunglasses...

Day 11: Disney TV offices!

Steamboat Jimmy!

Day 12: Parking

Oh where, oh where has my parking spot gone? Oh where, oh where could it be?

Day 13: Giphy has a pool?

Dunkin' with the doughnuts...

Day 14: Bowlkemon Go

Here come pokemon, here come pokemon, rolling down pokemon lanes!


With bonus sriracha!

Day 16: La Brea

Doesn't this one make you feel warm and woolly inside?

Day 17: Beer and pinball!

Ding ding ding! We have a winner!

Day 18: Movies

Don't you love it when you have to hunt your popcorn?

Day 19: Chinese Theater

Just swinging with Spider-Man on Hollywood Boulevard. Nbd.

Day 20: Santa Monica Pier

Dashing through the sand on a bike that's built for two. Sushi rolls for wheels, just Spider-Man and you!

Day 21: Studio Tour

Hoooray for Hollywood...

Day 22: Amoeba Music

Flip the records flippingly on the fingers.



Day 24: Pipe

Holy smokes!

Day 25: Rodeo Drive


Day 26: The Dodgers

Hot diggity dog diggity dodgers!

Day 27: Cleanse

S-kiwi-ky clean!

Day 28: DOGS

The running of the pups...

Day 29: Dolphin Surfing

Seems kinda fishy to me...

Day 30: L.A.

City of Angels and also traffic!

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