Which Stranger Things Kid Is Actually Your Inner Child?

The kids on Stranger Things remind all of us of our own childhoods, but which one best represents your inner child? Deep down, are you unbelievably loyal like Mike? Are you powerful like Eleven? Find out here!

Scarlet Olsen
Created by Scarlet Olsen
On Sep 14, 2016

In a game of D&D, what do you take with your to fight the demagorgon?

What is your favorite snack?

You see an injured bird in the road. What do you do?

What is your favorite 80s kids show?

Which one of these is your spirit animal?

A bully is making fun of your friend. What do you do?

How long does it take you to finish off all of the candy you collect on Halloween?

What are you trick-or-treating as this year?

What's your favorite color?

Would you ever cheat on a test?

Do you think adults are generally helpful or untrustworthy?

How do you feel about your mom, though?

Which Lord of the Rings character is your favorite?

What was your favorite childhood toy?

Which Stranger Things teen do you have a secret crush on?

How old do you feel right now?

Which one of these Stranger Things villains are you more afraid of?



You may feel kind of distant from your inner child at times because you've had to grow up pretty fast, but deep down you're super loyal to your friends and probably also have an irrepressible love of breakfast food. (You're also probably kind of a badass, even if you don't like to show it.)



You're very in touch with your inner child, and your friends love you for it. While it may sometimes get you into trouble, your common sense and sparkling humor make you a great person to have around. You may feel like giving up sometimes, but your sense of loyalty will always win out in the end.



Your inner child is a little prodigy! You may be afraid to show off your smarts, but your intelligence is one of the best tools you and your friends have against fighting off monsters (literally and figuratively)! So don't be afraid to raise your voice! You have a lot more value than you think!



Your inner child is unbelievably loyal. You're always going to put your friends first, old or new. Your greatest strength is your ability to be the strength of the people you care about, and you often inspire them to keep going. You hold your friends together when the going gets rough, and you're never going to leave a man behind to the demagorgon.



Your inner child is full of innocence. You may sometimes feel like your innocence is a detriment to you, but it's actually one of your greatest strengths! You have an unclouded sense of judgment and enough energy to make it through the darkest times. You'll never have to worry about being friendless because people will always want to help a person as good as you are.