Someone On Twitter Has Been Hilariously Satirizing New York Times Articles

After noticing that the majority of New York Times articles these days pair a glum headline with an even sadder photo of a white person staring off into the distance in a dimly lit room, Twitter user and podcast host Shaun Lau decided to have a little fun... See for yourself here!

And if you thought those two examples were biting, here are fifteen more brilliant jabs at the New York Times' pensive white rut...

1. Thoughts and Prayers

2. Civil Rights

3. They Came For Our Memes

4. Crises of Conscience

5. Post-Racial America

6. Bearded Trump Voters

7. eBay

8. Existence

9. Bambi

10. #Resistance Cats

11. Donor

12. Forebear

13. Divisive Rhetoric

14. Climate Change

15. Behind Blue Eyes

Which was your favorite satire? Talk to us about it in the comments below, and share with your friends to see what they think!