This Test Will Reveal If You Have Perfect Short-Term Memory

Take this Toy Story quiz to determine how good your memory is!

Scarlett Gray
Created by Scarlett Gray
On Apr 22, 2019
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Then answers the questions that follow...

What body part is Mr. Potato Head missing in the first picture?

How many army men are in the second picture?

In the third picture...what color is the staff that Bo Peep is holding?

In the fourth picture...what letter is on the toy block?

Is Buzz Lightyear in the last picture?

Uh Oh! You failed

Uh Oh! You failed

Your memory needs a little improvement. But don't worry, with a little practice your memory will be better than ever! It's important to keep your brain active by taking more memory quizzes!

Great job! Your memory is top notch!

Great job! Your memory is top notch!

Congratulations! Your memory is fantastic! You need to keep up the good work by practicing every day! Keep challenging your brain with memory quizzes!