Are You OSCARS Material? Test Your Film Knowledge With This 2019 Oscars Trivia!

Think you know the films of the 2019 Oscars inside and out? Time to put your movie knowledge to the test!

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Which character provides narration in the movie If Beale Street Could Talk?

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Which music festival did Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper shoot at for filming A Star is Born?

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How much weight did Christian Bale put on to play Dick Cheney in Vice?

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What did sound editors use for the sounds of T'Challa's aircraft, the Royal Talon in Black Panther?

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What was the working title for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse?

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At 93, this actor was the oldest cast member (by two months) in Mary Poppins Returns.

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In the credits for Greenbook, who is the movie dedicated to?

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Which Oscar-nominated film had the most expensive production budget?

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Which stadium is the setting of the climatic concert at the beginning and end of Bohemian Rhapsody? 

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Which famous astronaut does Ryan Gosling portray in the film First Man?

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What was the average budget of the movies nominated for Best Picture?

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Which director was slated to direct BlacKkKlansman before Spike Lee?

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Which Oscar-nominated actor has NOT been in a superhero movie?

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Amy Adams and Christian Bale starred in two Oscar-nominated films together before Vice. Which movie was the first?

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Which Best Picture nominee was shot in black and white?

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This could be the year actress Glenn Close finally wins an Oscar for The Wife. How many times has she been nominated?

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Four real-life figures are portrayed in this year's Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor nominations. Which person is the youngest?

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Incredibles 2 has been nominated for Best Animated Feature. What was the last sequel to win this award?

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Which actor shares the same birthday with the real-life figure they portrayed?

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Who's the Best Director nominee that has already won an Oscar for Best Director?

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