Americans Share Freshman Roommate HORROR Stories

Sometimes being weird and different is good, but these 20 freshman horror stories will surely throw you into a panic (or in some cases make you laugh out loud).


Laxatives In The Peanut Butter

I had two roommates that kept eating all of my food. Within the first week (classes haven’t even started) I went to make myself a peanut butter sandwich, my first peanut butter sandwich in this dorm. It was fucking gone. They left the tub in my cupboard. Anyways I flipped the fuck out because who the hell eats a whole tub of peanutbutter by themselves, without introducing themselves? These girls would literally scarf down all my food, and bitch if they thought anyone was touching their food. So I started buying really fattening food, doughnuts, etc. I was trying to teach them self-restraint, but these bitches would go through these boxes within two days. So I kept buying doughnuts. And then one day they started complaining about how they couldn’t fit their jeans. Success. I also put laxatives in my peanut butter.



“I swear to god this story is 100% true!”

Walked into the room for the first time freshman year, and saw him standing in the middle of the room screaming at his dad. He was yelling about not wanting to go, and how he blamed his mom for writing his college essay and filling out the application. He kept calling my roommate (I shall name him Eduardo) an “ungrateful piece of shit” and threatening to beat the shit out of him if he tried to leave. It was right after he finished speaking that they realized I was in the room. They both pretended nothing had happened, shook my hand, and introduced themselves. Luckily my parents had not walked in with me so they didn’t have to see that and be worried. Eventually my parents met his as they helped me set up the room, and talked about how proud of us they were. Eduardo’s dad kept saying things like “It’s either college or the street, cause I’m not paying to support a failure.” My parents of course thought he was joking.

Every day this kid told me how much he hated school. He would never go to class, drink in the room all day with the door open (we were a dry campus), scream at everyone, party all night, and generally just be a dick. He used to watch VH1 every night until 4 AM, with the volume cranked up so loud you couldn’t hear. When I asked him to turn it down because I couldn’t hear, he said he would if I wrestled him. Turns out he was serious. He wanted to WRESTLE me, because of me asking him to turn down that Bret Michaels Rock of Love show. I declined and went to bed. The next day he called his mom to come get him, and she agreed and said she was getting in the car. She never came. He LOST HIS SHIT. He broke everything he owned. Punched a hole through his tv, slammed his guitar hero controllers on the ground repeatedly, threw his xbox out the window, cracked his cell phone in half, ripped his bed sheets. He basically totaled his side of the room. I left the room during all this, assuming he was just blowing off steam, and not knowing he was breaking his shit.

I walked back into a fucking warzone, with him standing in the middle of the room crying, drinking laundry detergent, yelling about how he wanted to die, and how he took a whole bottle of advil after he broke his stuff. I ran to get the RA, and he ran and took the broken glass/plastic shards from his computer monitor and started cutting his wrists. The RA and I reentered the room to this kid throwing up detergent and bleeding. Cops called, they feed him charcoal to prevent him from dying due to detergent/pills. (Apparently they do this instead of ipecac syrup) He left that night. Woke me up to say goodbye. Last thing he said to me?
“Goodbye Jayquack, sorry about ruining your birthday”
I swear to god this story is 100% true
and so is the part where he tried to bring in a gun to kill me later but thats a different story.



“We shall call her Sally.”

Ohhhh, the joy of freshman roommates.
We shall call her Sally. I met Sally on a class of 2014 facebook site and we messaged back and forth, and she seemed cool. We agreed to be roommates; I didn’t really know her, or anyone else for that matter, I just wanted to make sure they were normal, and she seemed normal. Cue to a few weeks before school started. ALL SUMMER she posted on my wall, blew my phone up, just “herpdy-derp, soooo excited for school!!!!1!!1” It was obvious that she had decided that we were to be best friends.
Okay. I can handle that. Now is time for her description: short, maybe 5’1/5’2, curvy, crazy curly black hair, and a cleveland accent. It was move in day; I had arrived before her, and when she walked through the door I approached her, saying something, like, “Yay, we’ve finally met!” and going in for a hug, idk. Instead she looks at my fingernail polish (burgundy) and my toenail polish (pink) and she said, “Ew. Your fingernail and toenail polish doesn’t match. I don’t like that.”

That entire first week she dominated every damn conversation had with anyone in the dorm, telling them how she modeled for a hair magazine (which she brought to school, btw, displayed on her desk), how she’s Jewish, how she’s allergic to apples, how she neverrr works out but has the PERFECT body, and every boring, uninteresting fact about her. Within the first two days, she spied a boy down the hall and WAS UP HIS ASS, dear lord.

They started dating. She ONLY hung out with him, for HOURS every day, just sitting on her bed, or his bed, or idk, just together. And I was friends with him and his roomie so it was chill, until one night, he stayed over in her room (which is down the hall…really?) and they decide to FUCK while I was there. Our beds were set up so that they touched; MY BED WAS MOVING. I promptly got up at 3:30 AM and crashed on on of my other friend’s futons. She absolutely dropped everyone else who she had tried to force a friendship on (which I was cool with) but then would get emotional when she was excluded. She was a little fun sucker with everything we did. She didn’t drink, which is totally cool, I respect that, but she would join the people on the floor who went out plastered, and become distant and pissy with everyone, especially her boyfriend. With whom she fell “in love” with within the first few weeks of dating.

Oh, and she cried. Constantly. About her boyfriend, about ME, about anything at all. She cried about 3 times a week, at least. Her boyfriend and her began to fight; SCREAMING, crying, angry fights all IN MY ROOM. Now, I’m very involved at my school; I also studied a lot at the library, had a job, and had a lot of friends in the same dorm, so I rarely was in my room at all, but it realllly gets annoying when at least 2 times a week for a few hours at a time having to avoid the room. But, I understood, couples fight, and they’re in a dorm, where else are they supposed to do that?
Throughout the entire year, I don’t think she studied at all (communications major, gahh.) The TV that she brought was. Never. Off. She watched TV constantly. As soon as she woke up, the TV was on. If I returned after she had fallen asleep, the TV was still on. All day, every day. And it wasn’t even good channels; it was a very diverse mixture of ET, MTV, or BRAVO. and if she had already seen the episode, she WOULD STILL WATCH IT AGAIN. It honestly was appalling seeing that much blatant inactivity.

I mean, sometimes she would go outside the dorm. She had a job that she worked about 10-15 hours a week, an understandable amount as a college student, you don’t want to become overwhelmed. But then she QUIT because she didn’t like working on Sundays because that was the day her boyfriend got brunch with HIS friends, and she didn’t want to miss out on spending time with him. WAT.
This summer, they—as you probably guessed—broke up. She went into crazy depressive mode and BLEW EVERYONE’S PHONES UP. She apologized to me, about how she should have known, boys would leave before friends (like, no shit, everyone knows that.) She is now up everyone’s asses trying to repair the friendships that she actually never cultivated …so there’s nothing there to repair. Our circle of friends (and by our friends, I mean her ex-boyfriend’s and my friends), absolutely despise her and I just sit back and chuckle to myself. I’m excited for this year to start.



A Video Game Nerd

My orientation/summer semester roommate was an anime/mild video game nerd (she played WoW, but that was it). She told me from day one that she wasn’t too big on drama or “fake hanging out group time”, that she liked to veg. Cool, I thought – we’re going to get along great. Since our program had us placed with identical schedules, studying was going to be a breeze.
The program was five weeks long. The first week went great – we hung out, shared notes, studied together. We cracked geeky jokes, commented on the vanity of some of our classmates, and watched bad ghost hunting tv shows. All was well. But after a week and a half I began to realize that our personalities were a little too well matched – you see, my roommate never left the room. Ever. We went out to dinner one night and lingered for half an hour every few days to get coffee on campus, but beyond that, she was pretty much a potted plant in the dorm room. No amount of coaxing or invitation from myself or our friends got her to go out.

After a while I began to feel the frustration of pent-up sexual energy. She was a light sleeper, and even stealthy masturbation was usually enough to wake her up. I tried in the shower, but being a not-so-crafty female, that usually didn’t lead to much success, and doing it in the dorm showers was not exactly my idea of a private setting. My only hope was to get this girl out of the room for anyamount of time, but it was as if the girl was a sadist. Showers? Five minutes, like lightning. Bathroom trips? Usually three minutes. Food? Only went when I went – otherwise, she ate from the boxes of food she’d brought with her. Studying sessions? Again, only went out when I did – otherwise, she studied alone or with me in the room.

Finally, a friend and I plotted a master conspiracy to get her out. He was going to drag her to sushi for dinner, even if it involved her kicking and screaming, and I was going to pretend have a study session with one of my friends in the room (she did not like this person). Everything was set until the morning of the day we’d planned to get her out. In one of our classes, we watched a video on sexual assault and sociology. Our teacher made it very clear to us (in an almost uncomfortable way) that students who were bothered by the content in the video were free to walk out to take a minute and that there were on-campus support groups. Sure enough, during a five-minute mid-class break (it was a 3-hour class), she turns to my friend and I and admits that she almost started crying. She then nonchalantly comments to me that she “wonder[s] if there are any support groups on campus”. She then gets up to quietly speak with our professor. In other words, she’d just informed me (all but explicitly) that she was a sexual assault victim.

This whole time I’d thought my roommate was sadistic and didn’t understand blatant hints about needing “personal time”, it turned out that I was with an assault victim who was terrified of being around people she didn’t intimately trust.
Needless to say, I wound up going the entire semester without a single successful schlick, and my morality guilt tripped me the entire time about being bitter to her about it.



Do You Want The Full Story?

h man, my comment history doesn’t go back far enough to find the story I typed out about walking in on my roommate getting spanked on his bare ass. Yes folks, I walked in on my roommate getting spanked on his bare ass by his parents for not having his stuff packed up on move-out day.
I can type out the full story if you guys want to read it.
Edit: Full story (Thanks to all for the lookup tips/crow1118 for the comment)
It was move out day and my rommate was working on a paper last minute. I was packing my stuff. His parents walked in and were absolutely pissed that he wasn’t packed yet. They immediately started scolding him while I was still in the room, but thankfully I had a final to go to and figured I’d dodge the storm. I said my goodbyes, assuming they’d be gone by the time I got back from my two hour final and went on my way. As it happens, my final only took twenty minutes so I got back much sooner than they’d have expected. I opened the door, saw my roommate bent over his bed with his bare ass showing just as his mom wound up for a spank, and closed it as quick as I could. I went over to a friend’s dorm and helped her pack for a while until I felt safe enough to return. I never brought it up to him after that.



A Horror Story

Not my roommate, but a guy we shared a hall with. Moving in, I did the standard get-to-know-yous around the hall. Everyone seemed cool, except for this one guy. Very anti-social, greasy everything, and smelled AWFUL. Since he was in a wheelchair, he had his own bathroom so we didn’t see much of him. After the first couple of weeks living in the dorm everything is hunkey dory; that’s when the odor started. It quite literally smelled like shit. After some sniff searching, we came to the conclusion that it was coming from smelly wheelchair guy’s (SWG) room. We complained to the RA about the smell, and they installed an air freshener in the hallway. Naturally, it masked the odor from shit to shit and flowers. It got so bad that girls would refuse to come to our room because of the smell. That was the last straw and we demanded he be moved. Thankfully, after winter break SWG was gone and we finally found out about the source of the smell.
It turns out the guy wore adult diapers. So he’s got bowel issues, not really that big of deal I guess. Whereas a normal person would dispose of a soiled diaper, this kid put them in a duffle bag underneath the bed and kept it there. He accumulated quite a collection. Multiple duffle bags. Once he moved out, they tore up the carpet, stripped and repainted the walls, and fumigated the room.



Fake Baptismal Certificates

My freshmen roommate made and sold fake baptismal certificates that other students would use to get fake IDs. Sometimes I’d be in the room alone when some complete stranger would knock on the door to ask if this was the place to buy fake IDs. By the end of the year my roommate had made over $6,000 and never got busted.



A Big Mess

My roommate freshman year was really cool, for the first semester. We liked video games, most of the same music, got along well, etc. We were also both majoring in the same subject, so that was cool. So, first semester went by very smoothly.
Enter second semester. We get back from the holidays, and he goes back home on the first weekend after break. He comes back saturday afternoon, and seemed generally upset, so I asked him what was wrong. Well, he never told me the full story, but his girlfriend broke up with him. After that, it all went to fucking SHIT. He would play call of duty and SCREAM at the television (on my xbox/tv/internet… we only had 2 ethernet ports and no wireless, so I would let him use mine for xbox live if I wasn’t there, and let him finish a couple games after I got back before making him return my internet). I mean he would fucking yell at this game like it just raped his grandmother in front of him.

He would get food, most notably sushi with very generous amounts of soy sauce, leave his trash on MY desk, on MY FUCKING COMPUTER, getting soy sauce all over it. Luckily, it was only on the outside, but I was still pissed. Very pissed. He left all sorts of other trash on my desk and on my bed, which I made him clean up. He seemed obvlivious to it. “dude… clean your fucking trash off my shit… seriously, this has got to stop.” “oh my bad I didn’t notice.”
He would wake up at 3 in the morning and start watching world of warcraft videos on youtube at full blast, and seemingly didn’t notice that I was in the room (again “oh sorry dude, my bad”). If he wasn’t in bed by 9 o’clock, he would come home at 1-2 in the morning, turn the light on, and get on the phone (once again…. he says “oh sorry, my bad.”).
In addition to leaving his trash everywhere, he just threw all of his shit like clothes, books, papers, gadgets, etc, under his bed, which eventually spread out into such a massive pile that I couldn’t open our dorm room door.

When he went to bed at 9:00pm and I wasn’t even remotely tired, I would turn my computer brightness all the way down and plug in headphones so he could sleep, but he’d just wake up and tell me to shut it the fuck off, to which I replied “look, it’s only like 9:30. You live with another person. I try to be as considerate as I can, but seriously, a little bit of computer glow isn’t going to kill you. Wear those eye-cover things you bought 3 weeks ago.” “oh i forgot I had those.” Needless to say, it fucking sucked.
tl;dr: freshman roommate was cool first semester. second semester, his gf (of a presumably long time) broke up with him, and he fell apart.
edit: text wall also, he started masturbating to hentai when I was in the room. we were both at our desks, which were facing the same way. 3 feet from each other. What the fuck.
explanatory edit: By scream, I mean we would have people complaining from another wing of the building because he screamed so violently when he played CoD (one time from someone 2 floors below…)



A Bi-Polar Tale

i noticed my roommate was off at the beginning of the year. he would always tell me things like, “i have 3 ak-47’s back at my house. if i fail a test i’m going to bring them here.” and then just laugh it off and say he is kidding. as well as, “if i were to kill you i would do it with a knife because no one would ever be able to find out about it.” just really freaky shit that i would just laugh off. but then one night he decided to take down a cocktail of pills while crying and saying fuck this place. i ran out of the room and immediately went to the RA, but when we got back he was gone. he ran to a different friends dorm room, and eventually went to the hospital. when he was at the hospital the police searched the room and found 3 months worth of medication for bi-polar disorder, 3 dozen knives stashed around the room, and his diary that stated, “if my roommate wasnt such a nice kid, he would be coming down with me tonight.”

Then when he got out of the hospital he started texting me things like, “hello roommate, how are things at (insert home address here). i havent heard from you in a long time. i think i’m going to have to come pay you and your parents a visit at (insert home address here)”.
i was in a fucked up place for about 3 months after this happened.
tl;dr turned out to have an unmedicated bi-polar roommate that had 3 dozen knives stashed around the room, and would have killed me if i werent ‘so nice’



“It was Christmas…”

Me and my 6 housemates moved into a pretty empty/excluded area in an old house… On google maps its still labelled as a mental health institute… Crazy, right?
anyway, it was Christmas and everyone (but 1) was gone and I had just arrived back, there was only 1 other housemate home during this time. When I returned I had walked to my room and the housemate intercepted me. He asked me if I knew if anyone else was back. He said he heard sounds coming from the room downstairs, I Laughed and said “Nawh man, must be the birds or something…” then we both went silent as we heard running in my room on the other side of the door then running on the rooftops. I walked in and the window was wide open… We both just looked at each other and said “Nope!”
We slept in the livingroom with the lights on for 3 whole nights.



When You Have To Move… You Move!

The first place I lived on campus was in a suite with three other girls. My actual roommate was nice enough, but she constantly (even while she slept) listened to a playlist with about 20 awful country songs. Over and over and over.
Also, if she ever listened to other music (more country), she would FLIP OUT and run over and turn off the volume if a song with a “bad word” came on.
Then her and the other two girls got angry with me because I wouldn’t go to church or non-drinking parties with them.
I had to move to the honors dorm where things were slightly more normal.



So Disgusting!

I got along pretty well with my freshman roommate, but we were both really competitive and had a long standing rivalry of who was the “champion of the room”. Fast forward to the end of the year, I decided I needed to prove that I was the champion once and for all, so I went online and bought a trophy declaring myself champion of the room. I told my roommate that I was definitively the champion and he would soon find out why. He didn’t believe me at first, but I could tell he was getting nervous. The day the trophy came, I quietly picked it up from the mail room and left it on his desk while he was at class. He didn’t talk to me for about 3 days. A week or so later, he got pissed at me for something I can’t remember and decided he had to get back at me. Since he was a buffoon, he did what he knew best, and took a shit in my trophy. I made him wash it out with his bare hands. I still have the trophy today, and I am still the champion.
TL;DR My roommate shit in my things.



Best Friends?

My freshman roommate was a bitch. It took me a while to catch on, because I’m a bit socially oblivious, so I actually ended up living with her for two years. I had a novel typed out but accidentally deleted it, so here’s the short version (yes, this is the short version):
She declared us “best friends” on move-in day. We both develop crushes on the same guy, she gets emotional and makes a friendship pact with me that neither of us are going to pursue him, then gets together with him four days later.
She and the boyfriend convinced me once to go to a party at another nearby school. He drove, and I made her promise they wouldn’t leave without me, because my phone was broken and I didn’t know anyone else there. They left without me because she didn’t want me to be an awkward third wheel. I had to walk back five miles in the rain. He felt awful about it when he found out afterwards, but she just said it was my fault for not having a phone.

She hated everyone, purposefully alienated the friends I’d bring back to our room, and talked shit about me behind my back (I didn’t find out about this for a couple of years). She accused everyone around us of being cheating sluts, but she was the one who was actually cheating on her boyfriend.
Said boyfriend paid her tuition for two semesters, because she had chronic money troubles (caused by her own irresponsibility). Another mutual friend paid her tuition once, because she strung him along romantically for months but didn’t find him attractive enough to actually sleep with.

Boyfriend also tutored her and did all of her homework for her, because she couldn’t pass a class to save her life. She had “severe test anxiety” and failed all of her exams, and would badger me to find out my grades for the sole purpose of getting pissed and passive-aggressive. She told me while having a mental breakdown during finals week that her boyfriend was literally the only reason that she hadn’t failed out; he did her assignments and lab write-ups, and she got 30-50%s on her tests, which was barely enough to get a C- in most classes. She alluded to sleeping with her TAs for extra credit. I know she was sleeping with project partners in exchange for doing work.
She never took responsibility for anything. She got her license suspended because she thought she could get away with not paying a speeding ticket. She gained 40 pounds and blamed it on her birth control, when she had eaten nothing but cheese pizza and poptarts for the previous 6 months (she’s a vegetarian because meat is unhealthy).
After all this, she had the audacity to call me a dumb slut for getting a boyfriend and changing my major. Thankfully I’m not living with her anymore, although I still see her around…



Nasty Sex

My roommate was incredibly overweight. She had the top bunk and I had the bottom bunk. Sometimes her boyfriend would come over and they would have loud, nasty sex above me.
I always imagined the bed would break, that I would be impaled by slivers of the bunk bed and die because my obese roommate was romping around too much above me.



Move-In Day

It’s move in day, and the kid seems fairly normal. He brings in all of his boxes and shit and I can see in a clear plastic container he has sheets for his bed, a bedspread, a pillow, etc. All of this stayed in that box the entire semester. He slept on the plastic mattress cover, which started out white but ended up being a grimy yellow color. He had serious hygiene problems as well. Being completely honest, he showered perhaps once a month. He also owned no deodorant except the small travel stick he had arrived with, which ran out after two weeks. He had a bottle of shampoo which sat unused on his desk the entire semester.

He didn’t do laundry, ever. I know this because he owned a single small bottle of Tide that also sat on his desk untouched the entire semester. Instead, as his clothes were worn, they were stuffed into a large sack. When it was full, he would pull out the clothes from the bottom and wear them again. He liked to lean against the wall and read, which left giant grease stains all over his side of the room.
My roommate was obsessed with politics and Obama, since this was 2008. He was online on his Macbook reading the entire day when not in class. I tried to talk to him, but he denied everything, claiming that he showered daily and used deodorant. Eventually our room started to smell so bad that I avoided it at all costs, returning late at night to sleep and then leaving early in the morning. I found out later that our room smelled so bad because he was hoarding newspapers, which had started to rot. He bought the paper everyday and kept all of them in his closet, where his clothes should have been. Luckily he transferred after the first semester and I had the room all to myself the rest of the year.



Living In A Triple

I was in a triple during my freshman year. One roommate was an absolutely filthy girl, but I remember these 2 instances the best:

  1. She got butt drunk one night, came home, and pissed in our trashcan (restroom was down the hall). If I wasn’t up at the time and hadn’t yelled at her to at least leave the trashcan outside, she admitted that she would have left it in the room to fester all night long.
  2. She hooked up with a big black guy, who apparently jizzed all over her bed. A couple days later, I heard her talking to a friend on the phone, where she proceeded to brag that she hadn’t washed her sheets and that the jizz stains were still there. ಠ_ಠ



“It was creepy!”

Yes! my roommate had her boyfriend stay over nearly all the time. he basically lived there and was my third roommate. i walked in on them having sex once… and one morning their blanket was slightly ajar (their bed was lofted, mine was captained across the room) and i saw his balls hanging off the edge of the bed…
speaking of the bed, before we moved mine across the room, we had them semi bunked, in an L shape. when we moved my bed, there was a used condom UNDER THE SIDE MY HEAD LAY just sitting there.

Oh and one night, I was having a hard time sleeping and they came in. they went to go shower together in the adjoining bathroom. when they came back, they went in the bed and eventually she climbed down to her “sex drawer” back up to her bed. i heard the sound of a condom tearing open and i needed to alert them i was awake, so i sat up, started coughing, and then lay back down facing the wall. THANKFULLY i heard her throw the condom to the trash, all was quiet, and i could fall asleep.
sometimes when i was reading she would get about a hand’s distance from my face and just… stare at me. i asked her what the hell she was doing and she said “observing”. she often asked me if i loved her too, like she was my mom or something??
one morning i was getting ready for a 3 hour lab, and she woke up and went into a lengthy monologue about her dream. i was tuning it out and left midway to make it to class. when i got back, she started EXACTLY where she left off. it was creepy, like a robot.



The Craziest Roommate

Caveat: I really did like my roommate freshman year, she was a sweet person. However, this story always wins whenever my friends and I pull out “who had the craziest freshman year roommate.”
My roommate freshman year had a boyfriend, long distance. He was a senior in high school and lived about four hours away from where we went to college. They always had problems in their relationship. A few months in she began to suspect he was cheating on her, and in fact she discovered he was. He broke up with her and started dating this other girl in his hometown.
Now my roommate was pretty angry about this and wanted to go about winning him back. So she continued to visit him in his hometown and sleep with him on the weekends behind this other girl’s back. But the crazy part: she decides she needs to get pregnant in order to win him back from the other girl. She secretly stops taking birth control, buys about one jillion pregnancy tests, and secretly would do those hip thrust exercises after having sex with him to increase her chances of getting pregnant. This is all despite my constant nagging that this isnt a very good plan.
Lo and behold three months later she gets pregnant. She drops out of school right before spring finals to live at home and date this guy (who eventually re-dumped her and ended up marrying someone else). The baby was pretty cute though.



A Bad Smell

My roommate freshman year started to get really depressed as the first semester wore on and as the second semester began. She never left the dorm, was often still in bed when I got back from class, and, while all of that made me feel really bad for her (she eventually left to get her shit together), I could not overlook, well over-smell, one thing:
She rarely showered since she rarely got out of bed, and when it was her time of the month, well, you could smell the period blood from her side of the room. It was revolting.
TL;DR: She smelled like period.



“I was the horrible roommate”

I was the horrible roommate. In our dorm, we each had our own rooms but each pair of rooms shared a “sink room,” with a sink, mirror, and 2 sets of shelves. My “sink mate” was a junior when I was a freshman, and already knew the ropes. Our (very old) building had a problem with the plumbing backing up and the pipes pushing greasy, nasty black water out into our sinks. This happened several times throughout the year. The first time it happened was only a couple of days into school, before I had gotten to know my sink mate. I went into the sink room and found the sink coated with black grime and assumed my sink mate had poured something nasty in the sink and not washed it out afterwards. I put a post-it on the mirror that said “Could you please clean the sink?”

The next time I looked, it had been cleaned. A couple of weeks later, it happened again and I again put a note on the mirror. Next time I looked, the sink was clean again and there was a note for me on the mirror that said, “I don’t mind cleaning the sink, but just so you know, I’m not making the mess. It’s the pipes backing up” with a little smiley face. I felt like the biggest turd. After that I got to know her and we had a great friendship that year. It mostly consisted of her teaching me A LOT of things I had been sheltered from in my very Christian upbringing and putting up with a lot of annoying questions and letting me hang out in her room with her friends since I didn’t have any.