Will Your Fairytale End In Happily Ever After?

Find out how your story would end if you lived in a fairytale!

Created By SAYS
On Mar 30, 2016

Your evil queen of a stepmother has ordered her henchman to kill you and bring her your heart. He takes you deep into an enchanted forest and pulls out his blade. How do you react?

Unfortunately for you, he’s adamant on fulfilling the evil queen’s orders so he chases you deep into the forest. Do you….

He manages to grab hold of you and violently pins you down. You struggle against him in vain. He raises his blade, preparing to stab you through the heart. What are you screaming as you watch the blade’s descent?

Right before the blade makes contact with you, an arrow flies straight through the his neck. His blood sprays all over your face as he chokes before keeling over, dead. What do you do first?

You hear footsteps and look up to see a couple approaching you. They introduce themselves as the warrior (the woman) and the huntsman (the man). How do you greet them?

They’re part of the resistance army fighting against the evil queen. The only hope for the kingdom to be at peace is for you to claim the throne. They want to take you to their base so they can protect you until after the war. Do you…

Whatever your initial intentions were, over time you’ve decided to fight alongside the resistance. What’s your weapon of choice?

The battle rages on. The resistance seemed to have the advantage at first but none of you knew that the evil queen had joined forces with her long estranged sister, the ice queen. Now most of your forces have been decimated. What’s your next move?

Eventually, your forces manage to break through the opposing army’s defences and get into the throne room where the two queens are. What kind of an attack do you make?

You live happily ever after!

You live happily ever after!

With skill and bravery, your army manages to win the war! You contributed greatly to the victory by smashing the magic mirror which was the source of the two queen’s powers. Without it, they were easily defeated. The people of the kingdom rejoiced when you took your rightful place as ruler of the kingdom. Thanks to you, the kingdom remained safe and at peace for generations to come.

You meet your doom!

You meet your doom!

Sadly, your army was no match for the two queens and their formidable powers. Working together, they manage to completely wipe out the entire force, leaving you alone and defenceless. They took great pleasure in finally cutting your heart out. With your demise, they have gained ultimate power and control and will rule over your kingdom for all time.