How well do you know Gilmore Girls?

With the upcoming revival series heading to Netflix in just a few short weeks lets go back to the iconic Stars Hollow and test your knowledge and see how much of a fan you really are! 30 Questions!

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On Mar 29, 2017
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First off how old was Lorelai when she gave birth to Rory?

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What were the names of Sookie and Jackson's first two children?

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What did Dean get Rory for their three month anniversary?

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Who did Lorelai call during her batchelorette party for her and Max's engagement?

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Who did Lorelai dream about being married to and expecting a child from in season three?

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What was the name of the professor at Yale that Paris had a relationship with?

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What was the name of the band that Lane, Zack, Brian and Gil were part of?

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What season do Luke and Lorelai have their first kiss?

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At what event did Rory and Logan have their first kiss?

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What is the name of the woman Lorelai and Sookie hope to buy the Dragonfly Inn from before she passes?

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How many days community service did Rory get after getting busted stealing a yacht?

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Ever since Rory was a child where did her and Lorelai plan on spending her 21st birthday?

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What is the name of Kirk's girlfriend?

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What are the names of Lane and Zack's twin boys?

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What is the name of the girl Dean marries?

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What is the name of Miss Patty's School?

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What were the names of the two chows that michel adopted?

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What type of car does Emily drive?

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How does Jess get a black eye in episode 14 of season 3?

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While on their first date, what from Lorelai does Luke admit to keeping in his wallet all these years?

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What is Taylor's last name?

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In what year was Stars Hollow founded?

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What is Richard's nickname for his mother?

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What was Grant's title in Stars Hollow?

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Where does Logan have to travel to for a year to work for his father?

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What is the name of Babette's husband?

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How old is April when Luke discovers she is his daughter?

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Who plans and throws Rory a Bon Voyage party?

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Where does Gigi's mother Sherry go when she leaves Christopher to be a single father?

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And finally are you excited about the revival?!

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