Are you a good friend?

Take this quiz to find out!

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On Nov 5, 2015

You've been studying all week for a test and still got an F. But your friend just winged it and got an A+! How do you react?

Your friend accidently left her phone over your house last night. What do you do with it?

You see your friend is getting picked on by some mean girls at school. Do you help her out?

You and your friend just finished lunch when you realize she has some food stuck in her teeth. Do you tell her?

Your friend invited you to go to the movies this weekend. The thing is, you already have plans with your girlfriend/boyfriend...

You just started dating the most amazing guy/girl in the world. But the problem is.. they hate your friend, and want you to stop hanging out with them. What do you say?

Do you think you are a good friend?

Do you know a lot about your bff? (her favorite color, food, subject, etc)

How would your friends describe you?

Finally, pick a picture that intrigues you the most.

You're an awesome friend!

You're an awesome friend!

You're an amazing friend! Your friends probably care about you a lot because you're so awesome!

You're an okay friend!

You're an okay friend!

You're an okay friend! You can sometimes start arguments and fights with your friends, but you are usually a kind person in the end. You're an okay friend... but you can always get better!

You're not a good friend...

You're not a good friend...

You're not a really good friend... But don't worry! You can always become one!

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