Clueless Quiz: 25 Years! How Much Do You, Like, Remember About Clueless?

Happy Birthday Clueless! Remember that movie that you were like totally butt-crazy for in the 90's? Take this Clueless Binge test to find out if you're a true Clueless!

Sara Maniscalco
Created by Sara Maniscalco
On Jul 21, 2020
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What is Cher's last name?

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What's the name of the high school in the movie?

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Who is Josh?

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Which disaster relief fund gets captained by Cher?

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What mark does Cher get in debates class?

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What is Cher's father's name?

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What's burning in the oven when Cher invites Christian over?

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What does Josh want to be when he grows up?

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Who does Cher try to set Tai up with?

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