Can You Get These Science-Related Jeopardy Questions Right?

These science-related Jeopardy questions get harder and harder as the quiz goes on. Will you be able to make it to the end?

Sara Maniscalco
Created by Sara Maniscalco
On Jun 24, 2020
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In 1985 a paper documented a hole over the south polar region in this layer of the atmosphere

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It can't fly or breathe fire but this largest living lizard has a venomous bite that inhibits blood clotting

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It's the largest blood vessel in the body

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The Earth is farthest from the sun during this month

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This hardest tissue in the body covers the crown of a tooth in mammals

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The symbol Ir belongs to this metallic element impervious to almost all acids

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The Molloy Deep is the deepest point in this ocean

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Of DNA's 8 bases this one was first discovered in animal dung hence its name

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In the 19th century the plant pest Phylloxera vitifoliae nearly wiped out this industry in France, Italy & Germany

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Peas have 14, shrimp have 254, & humans have 46 of these nucleic acid structures arranged in 23 pairs

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