Are You Kooky? Insane? or Deranged?

Where do you fall on the crazy spectrum?

Sara Maniscalco
On Feb 20, 2018

Pick a weapon to defend yourself in a zombie apocalypse:

Which of these clowns would be your best friend?

If you stalked your ex, how would you do it?

Which of these crazy hats would you wear in public?

Which of these Miley Cyrus outfits would you wear?

Which of these songs are your favorite?

If you HAD to, which of these items would you eat?

Which of these cats look the most sane to you?

You are...kooky

You are...kooky

You're a regular kook! People laugh at you sometimes because of how weird and silly you are. Nothing too extreme. You're just fun.

You are...insane

You are...insane

You are almost into full-fledge crazy territory. People will tell you "OMG, you're so insane" and even though they're joking around...there's an element of seriousness to their tone.

You are...deranged

You are...deranged

You're totally off the wall and maybe even "dangerously" crazy. You're like an evil seem harmless on the outside, but look behind those eyes and BAM...pure crazy.