What Kind Of Wedding Should You Have?

Planning for the big day, but can't decide on your theme, location, decorations? At the end of this quiz there will be no doubt how to prepare for the wedding of your dreams!

Sarah Stys
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Choose What Kind Of Bachelor Party

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Your ideal wedding will be tranquil and inspirational. The optimistic outlook on your future is what a Beach wedding can offer you and your loved one. All of the elements will be simple, elegant and romantic. The wide sand is cascading across the land. There is a small breeze that offers a slight chill, which provides relief from the warm, setting sun. The water crashes against rocks in the distance.
Your wedding guests are wearing crisp, clean outfits as they admire you while tendrils of hair fall in your face as you recites your vows. The tears of joy trickle as you both face the aisle. The warm, smooth sand moves through the your toes as you leave the altar. Fresh air smoothly moves within your lungs concluding how serene the entire affair is. Everyone knows that you two have no doubts that you want to spend the rest of your lives together after marrying in paradise.



Your ideal wedding will be calm and traditional. The positive outlook on your future is what a Church wedding can offer you and your loved one. Everyone sits patiently as the music begins and you the Bride appears. Your Grooms face lights up in pure joy and slight relief. As you walk down the aisle it's hard to hide all of the emotions running through you everyone can see them blended within your eyes. After vows you share your first kiss as Husband and Wife and everyone cheers.



Your ideal wedding will be relaxed and meaningful. The positive outlook on your future is what a Barn wedding can offer you and your loved one. As the vast barn doors open the music plays and you enter the room. Your dream is coming true as you see all your family and friends taking pictures and tearing up at how beautiful you look. Once you walked down the isle you step aside the love of your life. The lighting is soft and intimate from the indoor seclusion making the entire experience better than you ever imagined.



Your ideal wedding will be serene and beautiful. The fresh outlook on your future is what a Park wedding can offer you and your loved one. Surrounded by nature and your loved ones you prepare to walk down the aisle. The sounds of birds mix with the rustle of trees and the music you both selected. The suns warm glow lights you both up as you say your vows. As you close your eyes to kiss your groom you imagine the dream you depicted this day would be only to open them and realize it is even better.

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