The Hunger Games test :) <3

The last movie of "The Hunger Games" series is about to come soon!! Lets see how well you remember some major things about its plot :)
Happy Hunger Games Quiz!

Sarah Brown
Created by Sarah Brown
On Nov 2, 2015

OK so lets start!!

Who was reaped for the 74th Hunger Games as the female tribute first?

At the end of the 74th Hunger Games (end of the 1st movie) what did Katniss and Peeta do when they were the only ones left alive in the arena??

In the 75th Hunger Games (Quartel- Quell) Peeta was with Katniss but was he reaped at the first place??

When Katniss got pissed of and was about to kill Finnick (when she thought that he killed Peeta), what did Finnick tell her?

What did Peeta and Johanna do after the explotion at the Arena in "Catching fire"

What did NOT Katniss asked from Coin when she would accept to become the Mockingjay?

What did Peeta do when he first saw Katniss (after he was rescued from the Capitol)?

Have you read the books?? (doesn't count much :) )

If you have, does Peeta love Katniss again?

Ready for the results???

You rememeber everything!!! :D

You rememeber everything!!! :D

You are amazing!! A true Hunger Games fan!! Congrats!!!

~May the odds be ever in your favor!~

You are OK, but you could know more about it :)

You are OK, but you could know more about it :)

You know lots of things, but you miss some details. Don't worry though if you want you can always reread the books or rewatch the movies!!!!

Have a nice day/ night!

I'm sorry but... :'(

I'm sorry but... :'(

You don't remember a lot of things, nice try though!! :) If you'd like, you could do a little "revision"!!

I hope you had fun!