Plotter? Pantser? Plantser?

Are you often surprised at what your characters have decided to do in your novel? Or do you spend hours plotting out a novel, scene-by-scene? Perhaps you do a little of both? Discover whether you are a Pantser, Plotter, or Plantser with this quiz!

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On Aug 31, 2019
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What’s your prewriting process like?

Your fingers are tapping across your keyboard, you’re writing about a character…

How do you deal with writing in public places, like cafés?

Egad! You’re writing about the conflict in the story, and you find yourself…

What’s the best writing snack?

When you’re about to start writing you…

Do you know where your book is going to end when you begin writing it?

We’re testing a theory here: which zodiac sign are you?

You're a Plotter!

You're a Plotter!

You starting your noveling journey with a map, have your outline open in one window and your novel in another, and know where you're headed.

Welcome, noble Plotter! Simultaneously support NYCNoWriMo and declare your love of all things plotting with a shirt!

You're a Pantser!

You're a Pantser!

You are as surprised by the twists and turns of your story as your readers will be, and sometimes shocked to find out that a side character is actually a main character.

Welcome, fellow Panster! Sport your love of spontaneity and support NYCNoWriMo by wearing a Panster shirt with flare!

You're a Plantser!

You're a Plantser!

You start without a plan and pause to make one. Or perhaps you spend hours plotting out a novel only to get swept away with your characters and toss it aside. You are the best of both worlds, like an everything bagel!

Welcome, incredible Plantser! Help support NYCNoWriMo and declare your awesome writing house with a shirt!

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