You May Have a Future in Teaching Spanish If You Get 100% on This Exam

Grab your dictionary, time for a lesson!

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On Dec 25, 2023
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Over 6% of people around the world say Spanish is their native language, and that means almost 500 million people! That's a lot, huh? Of course, Spanish is a beautiful language and if you aren't interested now, you'll definitely be by the end of this quiz.

And, if you're learning español, you already know what a fun language it is, but... Are you expert enough to become a Spanish teacher? It's time for you to find out the truth!

>> Can You Pass a Basic Spanish Test?

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First lesson! Can you perfectly match these colors with their translation? Red, Blue, Yellow, Black

2 / 10

What's the Spanish word for 'Library'?

3 / 10

How many verb tenses exist in the Spanish language?

4 / 10

Can you name these two animals in Spanish? Parrot and monkey

5 / 10

True or false: 'Monday' means 'Lunes'

6 / 10

True or false: 'table' means 'Silla'

7 / 10

Can you match these numbers with their translations? Tres, cuatro, cinco y seis.

8 / 10

How many countries are official Spanish speakers?

9 / 10

Name these family members in Spanish: 'Madre', 'Padre', 'Primo'

10 / 10

Last lesson! How would you say 'Merry Christmas' in Spanish?

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