Would You Survive a Zombie Apocalypse? Find Out Now!

Only the best of the best will make it through...

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On Jan 2, 2023
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We cannot deny we've dreamt quite a few times about a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE! Imagine this: zombies everyone trying to eat your brain, populations fighting against each other in order to survive, a gigantic lack of resources, and panic everywhere! And if you haven't felt any of these, then it's clear you've never watched 'The Walking Dead'.

The long-awaited season 11 is finally here and we're super excited about what's gonna happen. This is why we've only got one question in our heads: Would we survive a zombie apocalypse? Would YOU survive a zombie invasion? Let's find out now!

Which of these chores do you prefer doing?

When was the last time you had a quarrel with a friend?

Do you believe in ghosts?

You live in an apartment in the middle of a big city and zombies are taking over everything. You need to get out of town and get away from it all. Where is the safest place you can think of going?

You leave your place and decide to pack some essentials just in case. What kind of bag are you looking for?

Which of these creatures scares you the most?

Which of these jobs would you rather have?

What is the first thing you'd do when the zombie apocalypse begins?

Which weapon would you choose?

You are surrounded by a horde of zombies, what do you do?

We're sorry for telling you this, but...

We're sorry for telling you this, but...

You won't make it until too far on this. You might trip while you're running, or you make too much noise while you try to go unnoticed. The point is you won't survive too much on a zombie apocalypse, sorry!

Horray for you! You're the hero!

Horray for you! You're the hero!

If this was 'The Walking Dead', you'd make it until the very finale of the show. You'll fight against any zombie that comes into you, you'll lead your own group and take them to the glory. WE'D NEED YOU!

You are the leader of a zombie group!

You are the leader of a zombie group!

You are the zombie chasing every single human on Earth, you're an evil entity with some maleficent plans in your mind. Would you accomplish your plan of ending humanity?

Do you think a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE might actually happen?

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