Who in 'Modern Family' Is Your Soul Friend?

The family we all want to belong to!

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On Feb 27, 2024
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Phil, Cameron, Claire, Jay, Luke, Jay, Haley, Mitchell, Gloria, Manny... We just love them all so much! With so many iconic moments, the Dunphy's and all of the characters have invaded our hearts, 'til the exact moment of memorizing all of their quotes and best moments.

How many times have you watched the show? How many times have you laughed at the same scene over and over again? Well, it's time for the next step, and that means it's time to find out who in 'Modern Family' is your soul friend! Are you ready to find out?

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Let's begin! Which role do you have in a relationship?

Are you the kind of person who feels embarrassed when speaking in public?

How often do you cry?

Do you usually feel the 'clown' of your group of friends?

You see someone who stumbles on the street. How do you react?

Imagine you're camping. How would you feel & act?

Do you believe A.I is gonna dominate humans?

Would you like to go back to your teenage era?

If you were to become a Pokemon, which one would you be?

Last one! In your family, you are....

Your soul friend is GLORIA!

Your soul friend is GLORIA!

Gloria is a beloved person, supportive of the people she loves. She's honest, fun, and a super modern mother. Always willing to help others, is amazing to have Gloria as your soul friend!

Your soul friend is CAMERON!

Your soul friend is CAMERON!

Histrionic, delusional, crazy, super fun, and a music & sports lover. Cameron is THAT person we all think: 'I really need him as a friend', and... lucky you are to have him as your soul friend!

Your soul friend is PHIL!

Your soul friend is PHIL!

Phil is a cool and modern dad, with a fresh and young mind. He is totally crazy, he is 100% competitive, always looking for fun and experimenting with new things in his life. Phil is also extremely generous and lovely. Phil, we love you!

We know, SO many great options... But who's your favorite character?

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