Which Planet Represents Your Personality the Most?

Our lives are ruled by the stars!

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On May 18, 2023
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The stars, the planets, every single bit of space dust... we are all made by the cosmos. On this 'Astronomy Day', we are reading the stars and we are reading the sky to check how this vast universe has shaped your personality.

Every planet in our Solar system is named after a G-d with its very own personality so now it's time to find out which planet represents your personality the most. Are you ready to know the universal truth? Let's go!

Let's begin! How many hours a day do you sleep?

How do you usually react when you're in the middle of an argument?

Which of these seasons do you enjoy the most?

Do you consider yourself a romantic person?

Someone asks you to explain something several times because they don't get it. How do you react?

Do you believe in astrology?

Choose a color that might best reflect your personality:

Choose your favorite pop singer of the bunch:

And your favorite rock band?

Last question! Would you like to travel to space?

You are like MARS!

You are like MARS!

Named after the god of war, your personality takes from this planet the will to always go forward, a great internal strength, and the desire to always fight for what you love. However, be careful: you also resemble this planet in certain irascibility and suspicion that tends to appear.

You are like VENUS!

You are like VENUS!

Venus symbolizes the complementary, the partner or the lover. She also represents Aphrodite, the Goddess of love. She is a seducer and a lover. Something you have in common with Venus is that you like and care about being in a good relationship, you tend to prioritize openness and a harmonious and loving encounter with others. In addition, you value refined aesthetics, art and culture. Do you feel like Venus?

You are like SATURN!

You are like SATURN!

Saturn symbolizes the ability to set order, to show maturity and effort. Also, you are discerning and realistic, you have the ability to set order and limits and get projects on track. Besides, you are pragmatic and objective. Saturn is a great representation of 'the boss'. Do you feel like Saturn?

Do you think there's life in another planet?

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