Do YOU Know Which of These Netflix Facts Are True?

Stop binge watching! Time to pass this quiz!

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On Oct 24, 2022
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How many shows have you watched on Netflix? Which is your favorite reality, tv show, sitcom, or documentary on the platform? No doubt, Netflix has come into our lives to change them entirely and to change the media industry from its roots.

So, with so many hours in the platform, with so many hours of content watched... Do you think you can guess some of these Netflix interesting facts? Let's give it a try!

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When was the company founded?

2 / 10

How did NETFLIX work at the very beginning?

3 / 10

When did the platform turn into streaming?

4 / 10

Which was the first Netflix production?

5 / 10

What's Netflix's main reason for its success?

6 / 10

In how many countries is Netflix available?

7 / 10

Which of these is NOT a Netflix show?

8 / 10

What happened with Netflix in April 2022?

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Which is the most-watched series on Netflix?

10 / 10

Who is Netflix's founder?

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Which of these Netflix shows do you like most?

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