Which Memorable Teacher From the Movies Represents You the Most?

It's time for a personality lesson!

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On May 2, 2023
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What better way to honor some of the most iconic teachers and professors the cinema industry has brought to us, but with a trivia to see which one of them you are? "National Teacher Day" is here and it's time for us to give a lesson of their permanent hard work, dedication, and support to every student. Thank you so much, teachers! emoji

There are plenty of memorable teachers in tv shows and movies and now it's time to find out which has impacted our lives and represents our personalities the most. Do you have a clue? Let's see if it's true!

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First thing's first. Do you consider yourself a HAPPY person?

Do you like dealing with kids?

Which was your favorite subject at school?

Choose one word that describes you the best:

Which was the biggest music band in the world?

Which app do you prefer?

How often do you shop online?

Which superhero would be your best friend?

Which of these cities do you think is the most beautiful?

Last question! When was the last time you were in love?

You are Dewey Finn!

You are Dewey Finn!

From 'School Of Rock, Dewy is THAT crazy teacher every student loves. Yes, his lessons might be questionable and you always end up talking about your personal life more than you should, but he also always gives his students more important lessons in life than any other subject could ever give them. This is why you're like Dewy: You don't care about following the status quo, you love living your life to your own way and to whatever consequences that might lead you into.

You are like Terence Fletcher!

You are like Terence Fletcher!

Bad mood? Little patience? Always wanting to teach someone? Well, now you see why you're like Terence Fletcher from 'Whiplash'? You should really start to take life less serious and enjoy the little things of it. Maybe smiling a little bit? Come on, don't be too hard on yourself or others!

You are like Sharon Norbury!

You are like Sharon Norbury!

You know Sharon from 'Mean Girls' and you know how she is: A smart, independent but hilarious woman who is always willing to give the best of her and take out the best of everyone. You're quite like her: A good and loyal friend willing to intervene in any conflict that might appear, always ready to forgive and ask for forgiveness. You rock!

Do you think that teachers deserve more credit?

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