Which 'Hey, Arnold' Character Reflects Your Personality?

The cartoon we all TRULY love, right?

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On Apr 29, 2023
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The cool Gerald, the in-love but bad-mood Helga, the smart Arnold, the grumpy Harold... there is a 'Hey, Arnold' character for everyone. This cartoon has given us so much wisdom when we were kids that it's a crucial factor for us to still remember it with so much joy and devotion. It truly was one of the jewels of Nickelodeon! emoji

Now it's time for you to find out which character of "Hey, Arnold" you are and which reflects your personality the best. Do you already have any clue? Let's go!

What do you prefer your burgers with?

How good are you in your studies?

How often do you get totally ANGRY?

What do you appreciate the most in a friend?

Which of these pop stars do you prefer?

Which of these places would be a DREAM for you to go on holiday?

Do you think aliens can invade our planet in the future?

Which is your favorite subject at school?

If you were to be an animal, which one would you be?

Last question! Do you like going to clubs?

You are RHONDA!

You are RHONDA!

Dramatic, fashion lover, and the center of attention. You love everyone to notice you, to be in the spotlight, and are addicted to compliments. You are an Instagramer by nature, that's for sure. We cannot judge you: we all wanna be like you!

You are PHOEBE!

You are PHOEBE!

Smart, loyal, and always with the right thing to say. You are a responsible person who is always willing to give everything of yourself to achieve what you want. A logical, rational, and intelligent person, hello to you, Phoebe!

You are Eugene!

You are Eugene!

A little clumsy, distracted, crazy but always with good intentions. Everything always happens to you and it seems that bad luck surrounds you even though you always give your best to life. Fortunately (or unfortunately) you are Eugene!

Who is your favorite character from 'Hey, Arnold'?

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