Which Famous Mother Is Yours Most Like?

A "cool mommy" or a "rough mother"?

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On May 12, 2023
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Moms. They are always willing to give EVERYTHING to take care of us, to help us no matter what we may need, to worry about us in our worst times no matter how far away we are, and no matter how old we are. Mothers are the best emoji

And even though all of the mothers around the world might act and behave in a similar way, we can find different types of moms EVERYWHERE. Now it's time for you to know which famous mother is yours most alike. Ready to find out?

>> Can You Identify The Famous Mother-Daughter Pairing? <<

How many times a week do you see your mother?

Are you an only child?

How often do you guys argue?

Choose one word that describes your mother:

Does she text you often just to check on you?

Is your mother a compulsive cleaner?

Which is your mother's favorite app?

Does your mom argue a lot with other people?

How does your mother get on with your father?

Last one! If you were to name your mother as a color, which one would she be?

Charlotte Pickles

Charlotte Pickles

Your mother is a strong, independent woman without any fear... your mother is like Charlotte Pickles from Rugrats! She will never be afraid to speak her mind and she will never let anyone walk all over her, much less a man! We love you, Charlotte!



Very careful, demanding, and fearful: your mom is like Joyce from Strangers Things. Although sometimes she might have an annoying attitude, you gotta know that your mother, just like Joyce, wants the best for you.



Your mother is ironic, funny and very special... And that's why she resembles Morticia! Don't try to understand her or make her adapt to you: she is one of a kind, with some strange tastes but always, always willing to take care of you .

What do you love MOST about your mother?

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