Which Elton John Song Represents What's Remaining of Your 2023?

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Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On Mar 23, 2023
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There's no one more iconic than Elton John emoji His career, his songs, his support to young new celebrities, and everything he's done for music. We simply can't NOT love him! Now that he's turning 76 years old and has been in the music industry for so many amazing years, it's time to gather up all his songs and simply appreciate them to the fullest. Ballads, happy pop songs, freedom songs...which is your fav?

Now is the moment for you to answer these 10 questions and we'll tell you which Elton song will represent what's remaining in your year 2023!

Let's begin! Have you ever had a broken heart?

What do you prefer to be given as a birthday present?

Choose your favorite pop queen:

And now choose a pop king:

Important one: Do you prefer your burger with or without cheese?

Now choose a color that you feel reflects your romantic life:

Where would you like to go most on a first date?

A final, deep question to end this: What's the meaning of life according to you?

Your song is "SACRIFICE"

Your song is "SACRIFICE"

"Sacrifice" is the word and the song that will define your 2023. You're given EVERYTHING from you in several aspects of your life, but you gotta take all of these as a sacrifice because, believe us, the best things are coming and you won't even believe it! All this hard work is worthy!

Your song is "Don't go breaking my heart"

Your song is "Don't go breaking my heart"

Yes, we know. You are in love or maybe have a crush on someone and you're afraid that they will break your heart. But you gotta be fierce and don't be afraid if some person breaks your heart. Always remember that someone better is coming.

Your song is "Cold Heart"

Your song is "Cold Heart"

Sometimes you tend to give TOO much of yourself and people might take advantage of that or uses you in ways that are not cool at all. This is why we strongly recommend you to freeze your heart a little bit and be more rational, cold, and distant. It's not always good to put your emotions first and this is a lesson you MUST learn for your 2023!

Which of these Elton John bops is your fav?

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