Which Ariana Grande Album Should You Listen to Based On What You Like To Do?

The greatest Ariana Grande quiz for the biggest Arianators!

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On Jun 26, 2022
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We might not know plenty of things in life BUT one thing we know for sure: Ariana Grande is one of the most talented singers in the world. She has a REALLY priviliged voice and is more than talented. Oh, and yes, the 26th of June is her birthday!

Performer of amazing hits like 'Side to side', 'God is a woman', '7 rings', 'Into you' and sooo many others, Ariana Grande is turning 30 years old on the day this was posted. YAS, GIRL! This is why we're celebrating by telling you which album of her you should listen based on your favorite activities. Start the greatest Ariana Grande quiz now... Let's go!

Do you prefer to go out to eat or go to the cinema?

Do you prefer to cook dinner or make a dessert?

Do you prefer to use Twitter, Instagram or Tik Tok?

Do you prefer painting, reading or writing?

Do you prefer to watch a movie, some series or some Youtube random video?

Do you prefer to go to the cinema, to the theater or to a museum?

Do you prefer to play video games, board games or neither of them?

On a Sunday, do you prefer to stay at home or go for a walk?

On a Friday night, do you prefer to go to the disco, to a quiet bar or invite some friends home?

Would you like to go skydiving or diving?

Would you rather learn to knit, learn to cook professionally or prepare drinks?



You're a person who love freedom, experience new things, new adventures and that's something this album clearly reflects. Positions is PERFECT for you to listen to right now!



Sweetener is a super fun album that an unique, adorale and outgoing person like you might really, REALLY, enjoy. A song for you? Go and listen to Successful!

Dangerous Woman!

Dangerous Woman!

A really mature, meaningful and deepr album. That's what 'Dangerous Woman' is. Too many bops, too many anthems but also Maturity and growth on Ariana's part.

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Do you prefer to go out to eat or go to the cinema?

Which is your favorite Ariana Grande album?

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