Happy B-Day, Coop! Are These Bradley Cooper Facts Real Or Not?

A real shallow quiz, maybe!

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On Jan 4, 2022

Singer, composer, director, producer, actor...IS THERE ANYTHING HE CANNOT DO? Bradley Cooper is one of the most amazing Hollywood stars and we love seeing him in everything he does, right? Big star from movies like 'A Star is Born', 'The Hangover', 'The Mule" and so many others, this January 5th he is turning 47 years old and we cannot believe everything he has achieved.

Are you an expert on his career? Do you think you know everything about him? Let's find out!

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Which of these David Lynch movies was he really keen on?

2 / 11

When was he born?

3 / 11

In which of these shows/movies did he first appear?

4 / 11

What was his character name in A Star Is Born?

5 / 11

What great choice did he make at 29?

6 / 11

How many pounds did he gotta gain for his role in American Sniper?

7 / 11

What's his second name?

8 / 11

Which of these bands does he love the most?

9 / 11

Which of these languages is he good at?

10 / 11

How many Oscar nominations does he have?

11 / 11

Which of these statements about him is true?

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