We'll Create the Perfect Burger for You Based on Your Music Taste

You may not want to complete this quiz on an empty stomach!

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On Aug 22, 2023
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Do not trust someone who doesn't like burgers! How could anyone dislike arguably the most amazing meal created?! With cheese, bacon, double meat, onions... ugh, now we don't want a burger, we NEED one!

August 24th is "Burger Day" so we've decided to create THE perfect one for you based on something else you also love: MUSIC! Are you ready to find out how your perfect burger made? Let's see!

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Hungry? Let's begin! Which female singer would you want to have have pizza with?

And which rockstar would you have a burger with?

Which artist do you think loves cheddar cheese the most?

If one of these celebs were a burger, which one would be the tastiest?

Choose a ballad for a burger dinner:

And a pop song?

Pick a reggaeton artist to have an extra onion burger with!

Which boyband do you think ate the most burgers?

Choose a kpop band who you'd love to be invited to eat dinner with:

Last question! Which music genre do you love the most?

You get a burger with ALLLLL the extra cheese!

You get a burger with ALLLLL the extra cheese!

We create a perfect burger for you made with extra cheese and cheeses of all types. Cheddar, blue cheese, mozzarella, brie, some sweet onions, ham, and ketchup. You'd love how tasty, delicious, and generous this burger might be!

You get the burger with ALL THE ONIONS.

You get the burger with ALL THE ONIONS.

We created a burger FULL with onions: crispy onions and sweet onions. Of course, we also added some slices of cheese, some tomatoes, and some barbacoa to make everything tastier. The extra flavor? The bread is made out of potatoes and toasted at the perfect time!

You get the BACON-MONSTER!

You get the BACON-MONSTER!

We create a burger with two meats and bacon between every part of it. We added some blue cheese, sweet onions, mushrooms... what do you think about this? Sounds delicious, right?

How do you prefer your hamburgers?

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