Hey You, Can You Tell Which of These Facts About 'You' Are True?

Don't worry, we won't stalk you after this quiz.... or will we?

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On Oct 25, 2021

NO SPOILERS, I SWEAR! But a new season of 'You' is back on Netflix and we're delighted with that, right? Penn Badgley is back as Joe a.... curious person, let's say, and we're happy to see his creepy adventures back. Do you love the show? Do you think you know everything about it? Let's find out if these curiosities are true or false!

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"You" is based on two of Caroline Kepnes' novels

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"You" is, currently, the most-watched show on Netflix

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Penn Badgley was harassed on the street because someone thought he was the real character.

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It was an 'HBO' show before it goes to Netflix

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Joe's little neighbor, Paco, doesn't appear on Caroline Kepnes novel

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Penn Badgley didn't know Tumblr and Instagram until he started 'You' shooting

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Stephen King is a huge fan of this novel

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Elizabeth Lail, Beck in 'You', accept her role but only if her character would stay alive throughout the seasons

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A Tinder account was created by Netflix in order to promote the show

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Penn Badgley is in charge of the whole music in the show

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Mooney’s  exist

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