We All Love Miles Teller, But Can You Score 10/10 on This Trivia About Him?

We all love a funny and great actor, right?

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On Feb 20, 2023
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Miles Teller is one of the greatest actors these days. He has achieved some fantastic roles in outstanding movies and he is only 35 years old which certainly reaffirms his SUPREMACY in the cinema industry. Know from movies like 'Top Gun Maverick', 'Project X' or the new Paramount+ show 'The Offer', Miles has surely won a place in our hearts.

We've got a challenge for you now. Do you think you can get a PERFECT score on a trivia about Miles? Let's go!

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Let's begin with an easy one: Where was Miles Teller born?

2 / 10

That wasn't challenging at all. Try this one: Miles was part of a church band. What did he do there?

3 / 10

We told you! This quiz is only for real fans. What about this? Was he president of the Drama Club?

4 / 10

What did Miles do before he was an actor?

5 / 10

What happened to Miles in 2007?

6 / 10

How are you doing with this quiz? Good?? Okay, let's see with this one: Which other instrument than the drums can he play?

7 / 10

Miles confessed there's one movie that caused him terrible moments while filming. Which was it?

8 / 10

This is an easy one. We're sure you know! Which is his middle name?

9 / 10

What remake did he star in?

10 / 10

Last question! You'd better be a fan to guess this one. Which is his favorite sport to play?

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Which is your favorite Miles Teller movie?

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