Wake Up! We'll Reveal Where You'll Be In 5 Years Based on What You Dream About

Stop dreaming, start living!

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On Apr 20, 2024
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Are you feeling uncertain of what your future may be like? Are you having doubts about where you're gonna be? Don't worry: Maybe you're dreaming -or daydreaming- too much and not actually planning a lot. But don't worry! We can take advantage of that emoji

Tell us how you sleep, and what you dream about, and we'll reveal where you'll be in five years. Don't you wanna find out?

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Let's go! Do you usually remember what you dreamt?

How much do you enjoy sleeping?

Do you usually have bizarre dreams with strange plots?

Do you usually dream of being or getting injured?

How often do you dream of flying?

Have you ever had intimate dreams?

Do you use your phone in the last minutes before before falling asleep?

Do you have good dreams or just nightmares?

Do you talk in your sleep?

Last question! How hard is it for you to wake up?

You'll be traveling!

You'll be traveling!

Everyone will want to be you in 5 years. Whether it's for work or pleasure, you'll be traveling a lot to beautiful and unique destinations. You're so lucky: dreams come true!

You'll be famous!

You'll be famous!

Influencer? You? YES! Life will surprise you with an amazing journey where you'll increase your popularity A LOT. Followers, gifts, events, and more. Are you ready to handle this?

You'll be... in bed :(

You'll be... in bed :(

Well, we're confused, and maybe you too. But we're visualizing loneliness, plenty of time in bed, sad movies, and more. Maybe it won't be the time of your life, but huge things will come sometime, don't worry!

Are you more worried about the past, the present or the future?

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