Vegan or VegaNOT? Time to Determine If You Should Change Your Food Habits

Animals are friends, not food!

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On Jan 7, 2024
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Have you noticed how many people are turning to a plant-based way of eating, or more specifically, veganism? We're sure you have one or more friends who are already vegans which we believe is an amazing opportunity to eat healthier, try more organic meals, and try to have a positive impact on our planet 🌎

Well, if you're considering this, we're here to help you! Answer these 10 questions and we'll determine if it's time to cange your food habits or not! emoji

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How often do eat meat?

Do you feel comfortable cooking dinner every day?

Have you ever tried plant-based meat?

Are you usually worried about the way humans treat animals?

Have you ever tried soy milk or almond milk?

What's one reason you may be willing to try being vegan?

Do you believe in global warming?

Would you feel comfortable being vegan if nobody in your close family and friends circle was?

Do you have any pets?

Lastly, are you typically someone who worries about what people might be saying about you?

Ok. Being vegan is NOT for you!

Ok. Being vegan is NOT for you!

Even though you might be considering changing your food habits, it seems that being vegan is not the best option for you. First, we'd suggest you get a date with a nutritionist. Secondly, to have a wider variety of meals including meat, vegetables, fruits, cereals, high fiber foods trying to increase the amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, fibers & vitamins. This way, you'll feel healthier in an appropriate way that works for you!

You could totally be vegan!

You could totally be vegan!

Are you considering changing your food habits? Then, being vegan is perfect for you! This diet includes any kind of non-animal based foods which will allow you to eat vegetables, fruit, granola, tasty salads and all kinds of organic products. This is the best way to have a more naturist diet and to ensure a more positive impact for our Earth !

How many times a week do you order food?

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